Attorney Firm looking to gain more clients using apps

BY: Kelly Marble

For Atlanta attorney Jackie Patterson his firm is looking to stay ahead of the game and up to date with technology. This includes all the app lication markets.

“I’m currently looking for an opportunity to excel my firm and create an easier way for people to reach out to me,” said Patterson.

Patterson has been an attorney for over 10 years. He is also a judge for  county. His firm has grown at a steady pace. Creating awareness of his firm, Patterson, wants an app available to the public. His objective is to create high volume traffic and gain more clients at a faster pace.

Along with creating awareness, Patterson enjoys taking on cases that will be newsworthy and seen on television.

“Being on TV is the best way to gain clients and it’s free advertisement,” said Patterson.

Along with television cases and billboards the Atlanta attorney wants to get more volume in his office.

“A great way of getting clients is apps,” said Patterson.

A young and rising app developer by the name of JayFisha is currently one of Atlanta’s top producing app developers.  JayFisha is a well-known app developer who is making a name for himself across the country.

“I have done a lot of apps for famous artists. They like my work and it’s spreading,” said JayFisha.

Now that we have an attorney and an app developer, the only problem was communicating with one another to find out how to get the app Patterson wants.

JayFisha has a website called which gives quotes to clients that are looking to create an app with JayFisha. Each app is unique and has to be priced according to design, detail, and information.

“I design apps at a faster pace than most developers, making me high in demand. It couldtake up to one week  before an app is complete, that’s considered fast,” said JayFisha.

JayFisha has started his own company with many investors and prospects. He loves the new freedom of owning his own business. He also works beside his close friend, who JayFisha taught about graphic design. Together the team creates apps that look vibrant and professional.

Since has taken off the company has been producing more apps than ever, creating stress among the five staff members.

“The work is not easy and some nights I spend in the office seeing the sun come up,” said JayFisha.

JayFisha is an advocate for apps. He believes that apps create awareness to the general public. Whether you’re promoting a business, book signing, or album, apps help to get the word out.

Currently JayFisha has apps in the Android and Apple market, which are the two biggest markets with the most apps.

“I like both markets because they allow creative freedom and have a huge public audience,” said JayFisha.

Patterson has become aware of the up-and-coming developer and plans to reach out to him before any other attorney.

“Many firms do not have apps. This would give my firm a leg up and great exposure,” said Patterson.







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