Local filmmaker releases movie in unique ways

BY: Jessica Brown

DALLAS, Ga. – A local filmmaker, who is not in it for the money, will release and distribute his first film this summer in a very unusual way.

Chain Free Media Inc. released the trailer on YouTube for “Kung Fu, Old Skool and Tyrone” on Super Bowl Sunday.  Tyrone Campbell is the president and CEO of Chain Free as well as the executive producer, director and editor for the film, which is coming in June 2012.  America will  experience the independent film in an unusual way when he starts  showing his flagship film in churches and universities in five states free of charge.

“Kung Fu, Old Skool and Tyrone” is a faith-based comedy adventure with a kidnap rescue plot.  This film is will be excellent to watch with the entire family because it neither contains cursing nor sex.  Instead, it contains messages about the power of forgiveness and the consequences of treating people wrong.

“This is an alternative to the sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll of Hollywood,” Campbell said.

The movie trailer is actually more like a teaser.  It introduces the main characters and gives just a slice of the plot away.  The only thing viewers can really see is that there was a very fancy looking woman that someone wanted followed.  Someone called a man to help find her, and we later learned that this person was Tyrone, the main character.  The trailer is one minute and 34 seconds long.  It can be seen here:  http://youtu.be/WXz4NRtiNBQ.

Starting in July, churches and universities will host the film until September.  Chain Free will announce the exact locations and a schedule early in the summer.  In the fall, the film will be available from video on demand services.  DVD sales will also begin later in the fall.  Because the purpose of this project is not monetary gain, the DVDs will not cost much, and the church viewings will be free.  However, Chain Free will accept donations for future endeavors.

Campbell and his wife, Toni Campbell, are working together on the project.  She is the vice president, CFO and secretary of Chain Free Media as well as an actress, the script supervisor and makeup artist for the film.  The support for the making of this film has been tremendous, she said.  The actors and crew are all volunteers and friends of the Campbell family.  Although the Campbells have self-financed the project and the fundraising is not currently active, anyone who wishes to support the film financially may do so by visiting the website at http://kotmovie.chainfreemedia.com.

“So much love, laughter and support have gone into making this movie.  It is truly a labor of love.  We were so blessed to shoot this movie that we just want to bless you all by the end result,” she said.

This project has been a lifelong dream for the CEO.  He has wanted to make a film since high school but did not know how to begin.  Modern technology and social media gave him the confidence he needed to get started, so he wrote the first draft in 2003.  In 2008, he invited some close friends to his apartment and had the first script reading.  Although it was hard to share it others and allow them to analyze it, the results from that session were very critical to the script writing process and made it what it is today.  It took the next two years to rewrite the script, and in 2010, he had another reading and cast the film.  In 2011, he started shooting, and in October, he will submit it to competition in the Kingdomwood Christian Film Festival.

“We will not enter the film into the Sundance Film Festival because it is not for theatrical release.  We want to release it to the people,” he said.

The Campbell family is already making plans for the next big thing coming from Chain Free Media.  Without giving the details away, we can expect a lot more clean hilarity to come in the form of original Web content on Chain Free’s YouTube channel.  Not only will it be more of his work, but also the work of his friends who are also creative and have stories to tell.  At 43 years old, Campbell is only interested in doing what God created him to do.  He wants to give others the opportunity to live their dreams as well.

“Don’t wait until you’re close to death before you want to live your life.  Go after your dreams.  Do what makes you happy.  Don’t do anything just because it gives you a big paycheck,” Toni Campbell said.


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