Intern Success at Comcast Sport Southeast

BY: Lauren Shantha

Comcast Sport Southeast interns have been able to turn a learning opportunity into a job opportunity.

In the world of broadcast production, a work environment is one of the best places for learning. Comcast Sport Southeast has been giving production internship opportunities for a few years.

Comcast Sport Southeast offers four-month production-based internships in which interns are required to work at least two days a week from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Interns work on the live sports talk show called Sports Nite that airs Monday through Friday from 6 p.m to 7 p.m.

Comcast Sport Southeast is a place for learning but it is also a place where you can turn this learning opportunity into a paying gig, like former interns Dan Mistretta and Leslie Koerdt.

Dan Mistretta used to work in health care insurance, and it was not not until 2010 that he became interested in editing. He became an editing intern on a weekly music show on Comcast on Demand, Bands on Demand. Mistretta found out about the Comcast Sport Southeast internship through word of mouth because he wanted a paying job.

Mistretta was excited about being in television.

He said, “Work hard, learn, and maybe turn it into a job if the opportunity presents itself.”

August 24, 2011 was when he started, and only a month after being hired on as an intern, Mistretta went to the head producer and let him know of his editing skills. The producer hired him onto the editing team, and his future at Comcast Sport Southeast and in broadcast production continues to grow.

Leslie Koerdt had worked in public relations and in sports rehab before she came to Comcast Sport Southeast. When Koerdt realized she wanted to work in sports broadcasting, she decided to go through a broadcast intensive school, Complete Game Broadcasting. The school’s connection with Comcast Sport Southeast is how she ended up with the internship.

Koerdt did not know what to expect, just wanted to learn everything.

She said, “I was just excited to come and soak it all in.”

After a month, she was hired one day a week and still worked as an intern the other day. She said, “Everything was timing.”

In August when the internship was up she rolled right into working days on the show called, Talking Football as font coordinator and picking up the slack where it was needed. Now she is the intern coordinator, production assistant, and a part of the marketing team.

Both of the former interns’ tips for a successful internship go hand in hand: show up every day, ask a lot of questions, volunteer for everything, shadow as many people as you can, look for more to do, and differentiate yourself from everyone else.

Both have different future goals. Mistretta hopes to continue his success behind the scenes while, Koerdt hope to be on air as a sports broadcaster, but their beginning is the same, Comcast Sport Southeast.


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