Leslie Koerdt: She is Out of Your League

BY: Lauren Shantha

Leslie Koerdt is not only apart of Comcast Sports Southeast, but she is the senior Atlanta Braves writer for the national blog, She is Out of Your League.

She is Out of Your League is a blog a part of Aerys Sports. Aerys Sports is the only online sports network run entirely by women writers.

She is Out of Your League started when Koerdt started getting heavily involved in social media, promoting clients and building a following.

When Koerdt decided to switch sides to broadcasting she started focusing social media toward sports and writing.

A woman sports writer who started following Koerdt via Twitter emailed Koerdt about her ideas for Aerys Sports and asked her if she would like to be apart of it. The writer wanted women to have a place to go.

Koerdt said, “It is harder for women to start a sports blog and get a strong following but if you put it all together then you may really have something.”

Over a year ago the blog was launched and the following is strong. Since the launch of She is Out of Your League, Koerdt has gotten over 1500 followers on Twitter and opportunities to do online broadcasts.

Koerdt has big plans for her broadcast career, but says she will always be apart of the organization because it is a great platform for women in the sports industry.


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