Women Discover Life’s Purpose through Journaling Workshops


TYRONE, Ga – Journaling is not only good for draining thoughts from your head, but also an excellent method for tracking personal growth which is what a local life coach intends to teach women across America.

Wilderness Journeys is a faith-based organization that helps women discover their life’s purpose, learn to set boundaries and offer guidance on the path toward spiritual growth. The organization is known for its workshops on journaling. The participants learn the value of journaling and how to do it effectively. Although the audiences have mainly been women’s groups from faith-based organizations, Wilderness Journeys also has workshops focused on personal growth over spiritual growth.

Pamela Byrd, the founder, can come to a site for a closed workshop as well as public workshops such as the one held at the Fayette County Library in 2010. She can be contacted by phone (866-230-6302), email (pbyrd@mywildernessjourneys.com), or the Wilderness Journeys Facebook fan page.

Pamela Byrd

Women’s Empowerment Groups

Pamela Byrd

Byrd also leads women’s empowerment groups called Something’s Gotta Give. The groups are 12 weeks long, and by the end of the session, the participants will have discovered their purpose in life, spiritual gifts and how to use those gifts to fulfill their life’s purpose.

Because Wilderness Journeys is a national organization, the group meetings are conducted online. In between the meetings, there are assignments to help with the discovery process. The next group will begin June 1.

Life Coaching

Byrd’s definition of a life coach is someone who has the experience, education or natural gift to help people take their lives to the next level. Although the Coach Training Alliance certified her as a life coach six years ago, coaching is something she feels she has always done naturally.

“I’ve always been a life coach. People always told me that I helped them break things down,” she said.

Her niche is women although her background includes corporate training and development, assisting displaced employees with finding the right career path and even image consulting.


From personal experiences with downsizing, assisting displaced employees and even getting her coaching certification, Byrd encourages people who want to start a business to discover their gifts, strengths and native abilities.

“Many people start a business because they say, ‘Oh, I can do that,’ it makes money or someone said it would make a good business. However, if it’s not based on your gifts, then don’t waste your time. I am living in my giftedness,” Byrd said.



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