New Direction for KSU Homecoming 2012


KENNESAW, Ga. — Kennesaw State University’s new NestFest Homecoming Committee is under new management and it has made changes for the fall of 2012 school year.

NestFest recently received a facelift from the university and the Student Life Department at KSU. Students are now working closely with faculty, students and university relations to make homecoming 2012 a more memorable event.

“We are trying to do away with themes, we are focusing on straight KSU spirit, straight KSU pride,” said co-adviser Lauryn Johnson.

“The idea is a KSU centralized homecoming, no extra theme, just KSU, the alumni, the students, and the surrounding community,” said Chairman Travis Collie.

By eliminating themes, the committee can focus on bringing new innovative ideas and a fun atmosphere to the campus of KSU. Improvements are already taking place for the
homecoming 2012.

New marketing strategies are under way to get the word out about homecoming this year. The committee, along with university relations, has agreed to change the face of
homecoming by improving different media outlets such as Facebook and the previous homecoming webpage.

“We have a new website, a new Facebook, and new marketing strategies this year,” said public relations co-chairman Brenton Davis.

Student-driven Committee   

Previous homecoming decisions were based on very little input from students. Students
can now be heard through the newly implemented NestFest Committee consisting of
several  KSU students.

“The most exciting part of homecoming 2012 is being able to work hands-on with student
committee members,” said Johnson.

“I am excited for homecoming. I know it’s going to be better than last year’s homecoming,”
said Davis, a student.

A Four-day Affair

Homecoming is scheduled for four days — Oct. 10-14 — compared to the traditional week-long event students are accustomed to. Events and programs will be condensed into fewer days so there will be less confusion among the student body.

“We tried to make it a little later in the fall in hopes it would fit the schedule of our
students and organizations better,” said Collie. “Doing so, we can have more days jam- packed with more fun.”

More Activities, More Appeal

KSU currently has no football team playing during that time frame. The NestFest Committee at KSU has come up with an alternative – the powder-puff game, a game that deals with role reversals, which has the women playing football and the men cheerleading.

“We wanted to see if it would have success here,” said Collie.

“I think KSU is at a point, regardless if we have football or not, we can give our students and our community members that real experience of homecoming,” said Johnson.

Students can expect to participate in a lip-sync competition with a surprise celebrity
impersonator, a campus parade, a soccer game, a concert and many more activities that were present in last year’s homecoming.

Students can also look forward to some additions this year, such as fireworks on the campus green, a pep rally, and a black and gold rave hosted by the Kennesaw Activities
Board. These additions are designed to appeal to a broader, more diverse group of students.

“With all these parts coming together and the NestFest portion being student-driven, I expect a lot out of homecoming,” said Chairman Collie.

Many other surprises are under way for the 2012 homecoming year that will be sure to bring diversity and a long-lasting legacy to KSU. Students can find members of NestFest
at various orientation tailgates every Friday, promoting homecoming 2012, and
by visiting the new homecoming website at






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