Alec Poitevint Honored to be at the Georgia Delegation Brunch


TAMPA, Fla. — Republican National Committeeman, Alec Poitevint was honored when he received a painting of himself Sunday at a Georgia delegation brunch at the Republican National Convention.

National Committeeman, Alec Poitevint and Mrs. Poitevint receiving the painting of himself.

“What I really like, they were talking about the hair but what I like is the fact that you slimmed me up,” said Poitevint, who received the portrait as a gift from the Georgia GOP as he is stepping down at this convention after serving five four-year terms on the Republican National Committee.

Poitevint was the acting chairman of the Committee on Arrangements for the Tampa convention.

Poitevint thanked Gov. Nathan Deal, talked of his road to National Committeeman, and apologized for the weather.

“It was not even a option for me to consider not to be here and come to this brunch and kicking off the national convention and it gets us in the right mood,” said Poitevint.

Poitevint mentioned to Deal about how this is in a way a retirement party, although he is maintaining his position as a member of the Georgia Port Authority.

The Georgia Port Authority is a passion of his and what he considers an “economic engine” for Georgia and he is very appreciative of Deal’s support in his passion.

Pointevint was chairman of the Georgia Republican Party before he began his career as a member of the Republican National Committee 20 years ago.

“Alec has indeed been a great benefit to the Georgia party and we would not be standing here today with our governors and our congressmen if it were not for people like Alec,” said National Committeewoman Linda Herren.

In the end Poitevint apologized for not being able to control the weather but knows the Georgia delegates are going to have a good time.

“We made the decision to err on the side of safe,” said Poitevint, referring to the cancellation of the Monday night session of the Convention due to the weather.

He closed by thanking Georgia GOP Chairman Sue Everhart for putting everything together and said how he appreciated everyone in the room and what they have done.  He commented on how when he first started as a Republican leader in the early 1980s there was no one elected on a statewide basis but now Republicans control state government.



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