Georgia Delegation Pack in for Official Photograph

Georgia Delegates crowd in for their official photograph.


      TAMPA, Fla. — The Georgia Delegation arrived for the Republican National Convention Sunday morning, convening at the Grand Hyatt hotel for breakfast and speeches.

            When Sunday’s speakers concluded, the Georgia Delegation filed into a separate room for the official Georgia Delegation photograph, an ritual at these affairs since the early 1990s.

            Georgia’s delegates, who are the third largest delegation in the country, found it difficult to fit everyone within the frame of the camera. Great hullabaloo ensued as delegates and their guests piled onto chairs and the floor, yet still there was no room for everyone.

            “If you are on this side, you are NOT in the picture,” said photographer and Alpharetta Delegate Bill Adler, as he motioned to a cluster of people on his left. A response came back to Adler from the crowd of delegates, “If we can’t see you, can you see us?”

            Eventually the delegates settled in front of their crowded numbers, some having to literally lie on the floor, to barely fit within the frame of the photo.

            “OK we are going to have to take four or five pictures for this to work, everybody say victory,” said Adler as he snapped photographs. Adler had the delegates yell “Go Mitt,” “Paul Ryan,” and “Thanks Sue,” as he finished taking the official delegation photographs.

            Adler is no stranger to photographing political events and has had the chance to photograph several figures of political and cultural significance throughout his career.

           Notably, Adler was a photographer for the George W. Bush campaign in 2000, the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, and he also covered the historic Atlanta visit of Mikhail Gorbachev as he met with President Jimmy Carter.



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