Condoleezza Rice Hypes Up The Republican National Convention



TAMPA, Fla. – Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice spoke Wednesday at the Republican National Convention on the current state of the country, how Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan understand the realities of the country, and the power of America.

Rice prepared the stage for Ryan, who immediately spoke after Gov. Susana Martinez of New Mexico.

Rice on the big screen at The Forum

“We gather here at a time of significance and challenge. This young century has been a difficult one … Then, in 2008, the global financial and economic crisis would stun us,” she said. “And it still reverberates as we deal with unemployment and economic uncertainty and bad policies that cast a pall over an American economy and a recovery that is desperately needed at home and abroad.”

Another major point hit on by Rice and Romney was what they understand and what they can do.

“Our well-being at home and our leadership abroad are inextricably linked.  They know what to do.  They know that our friends and allies must again be able to trust us,” said Rice.

She ended the speech by talking about her upbringing in segregated Alabama and how one can get where they want to be in this country.

“On a personal note, a little girl grows up in Jim Crow Birmingham.  The segregated city of the South where her parents cannot take her to a movie theater or to restaurants, but they have convinced that even if she cannot have it hamburger at Woolworths, she can be the president of the United States if she wanted to be, and she becomes the secretary of state … America has a way of making the impossible seemed inevitable in retrospect, but we know it was never inevitable …  Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have the integrity and the experience and the vision to lead us,” said Rice.

Rice on the big screen with the convention audience

Rice really got the audience hyped up. After her speech, cheering in The Forum reached a new level that had not been seen at the convention thus far. The reactions from the audience reaffirmed her speech’s success.

“I used to work for her, and I think her speech tonight was fantastic,” said delegation guest Mike Gonzalez, of Maryland.





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