From College to Campaign


Grandson of Zell Miller and self-made businessman, congressional campaign manager Bryan Miller continues to support his passion for politics at the 2012 Republican National Convention.


Miller fell in love with politics at an early age. Influenced by family heritage and his grandfather, former Governor and U.S. Sen. Zell Miller, it became clear that a career in politics would be in the future.


“I had it in my blood and I just got to know a lot of folks early on and it is a passion,” said Miller.


Bryan Miller, Photo by Meghan Meier

While attending Young Harris College, his enthusiasm for politics grew. To gain experience, Miller started working on campaigns where he was put to work making phone calls and putting out signs for campaign representatives.


Wanting to stay involved in multiple campaigns throughout his college career, Miller started his own business in politics. Owning a business and managing the rules allowed Miller the flexibility to participate in as many campaigns as he could. This gave him better insight and learning experience into the world of politics.


Living in Gainesville, Miller now works as his campaign manager to state Rep. Doug Collins, Republican candidate for the 9th Congressional District.


The defining elements that will determine the outcome of this years presidential election will be the controversial debates between on health care reform and the high unemployment rate, Miller said.


Catherine Bernard, public defender for the Dublin Judicial Circuit in Laurens County, Ga., believes that in order to repair the struggles the U.S. is having, the government must not fix, but get rid of the unnecessary or problematic regulations that this nation faces.


At the beginning of President Barack Obama’s term, it was uncertain to know or understand his executive abilities because he never served a term at the White House before 2008.


As years progressed, Obama has displayed many strengths and weakness. He has demonstrated courses of action that politically are smart and is brilliant, said Miller. However, the policies and actions that Obama has incorporated throughout his term show he lacks the ability to govern.


“ I think that’s the problem we have run into in the past four years,” said Miller. “We  have some serious, serious problems that we got to solve and we need leaders who know how to solve them.”


With the election campaigns strengthening and Mitt Romney finally announcing Paul Ryan as his running mate, there are those who believe Romney’s choice to be detrimental and unreasonable. Others are hopeful and believe his choice of Ryan as vice president will give Romney the boost he needs to win the up coming election.


“Paul Ryan knows the federal budget inside and out,” said Miller. “As chairman and budget committee he is well respected on both sides of the isle for his expertise in budgetary matters and fiscal issues.”


With a charismatic personality and sounding presence in the public eye, Ryan helps Romney gives a fresh outlook to the Romney campaign. With Romney as a tactical strategist and Ryan as specialist in fiscal planning, this gives a strong balance of political leadership.


“This race is about ideology,” said Miller. “It’s not about Republican or Democrat, its about whether you want a government that is all powerful that has its hand in everything. If you want more local control if you want states to set aside if you want smaller government.”


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