Georgia, Florida Attorneys General Call For Smaller Government


TAMPA, Fla. —In a joint speech Wednesday during the Republican National Convention, Attorneys General Sam Olens, of Georgia, and Pam Bondi, of Florida, outlined how they feel President Obama has unconstitutionally forced his policies into the lives of Americans.

“We know that the Constitution limits federal power, but President Obama clearly believes those limits just get in his way,” Olens said. “So he ignores them, time and again.”

Olens, the only member of the Georgia delegation invited to speak at the convention, stressed his belief that Obama has failed in his goal of creating more green jobs to help stimulate the economy, saying he “funnels tax dollars into campaign donors’ pockets.” Along with the lack of job creation, Olens also brought up the Fast and Furious scandal and how it has affected Obama’s administration.

“He promised to have the most transparent administration in history but now refuses to come clean with Congress and the American people about Fast and Furious,” Olens said.

Bondi used her opening remarks as a segway into both speakers’ beliefs in the failure of Obamacare, proclaiming it to be one of the ways the president is overstepping boundaries to create bigger government. Agreeing with Bondi, Olens echoed his earlier remarks that Obama’s plan went against the Constitution and would not be beneficial to the American people, so the Republicans tried to prevent it from going into effect.

“It distorts our Constitution and endangers our fragile economy,” he said. “We did everything in our power to stop it, taking the fight all the way to the United States Supreme Court.”

Both Olens and Bondi told the crowd the results of the court case — that while the Supreme Court found parts of Obamacare to be unconstitutional, it still upheld the mandate as a tax, which, according to Olens, went against what Obama was telling everyone.

“At every stage of the process, President Obama and Congressional Democrats promised us that the mandate was not a tax,” he said.

As their speech to the convention came to a close, both Attorneys General urged the audience to stand up against unwanted mandates and restrictions. They mentioned the looming debt crisis, tax increases, rises in health insurance premiums and the shifting of funds from Medicare as reasons to support Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and vote Obama out of office. In her final remarks, Bondi told the crowd of their rights being compromised and the need to save them.

“It is time to remember that our rights are not a gift from government, but from God, and that by his grace we will defend them,” she said. “It is time for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.”


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