Great Things from District 3


TAMPA, Fla. – Georgia Congressional District 3’s Alternate Delegate Alton Russell expects great things for the counties in his district as  Mitt Romney is announced Presidential Nominee at the 2012 Republican National Convention.

Alton Russell has served as the chairman of the 3rd District’s Georgia Republican Party, and is now an at-large alternate from Columbus. The district is composed of 13 counties, ranging from Upson County to Carroll County and Henry County.

Upson County Republican Party Chairman John David Stallings says, “Alton is willing to do anything to help grow the Republican Party in Upson, the 3rd District, as well as the state.”

It really goes to show how much he cares about each county.

When asked what he enjoys most about the 3rd District, Russell is quick to share the love he has for the people he serves.

“We have some great, working Republican folks,” he says. “And with the help of our great chairman, it’s easy to get a great turnout from the voters.”

This has helped make the 3rd District the second largest Republican voting district in Georgia, by  fewer than 2,000 votes total — a fact which impresses Russell, considering the higher population and smaller areas that are other districts are composed of.

Concerning the changes he hopes to see from the Romney/Ryan campaign, Russell describes the urgency for a deeper impact. Russell says Romney and vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan need to create a change in attitude for the American people.

“I think Romney will bring that Ronald Reagan attitude to the White House.

“We need to have a positive attitude about ourselves, and our country, and we hadn’t really had that,” he says. “Reagan illustrated this when he talked about being the light on the hill, and that’s important.”

Russell compares the mess that Romney is coming in to like having a bad day.

“Having bad day is your choice, and how you handle it is important, and I think that Romney is going to handle it on a positive way,” said Russell.

“With that positive attitude and that spirit of America that we know is there, the small businesses which are key to our economy, will react in a positive way, Romney will promote that idea.”

Looking deeper into the local level, Russell admits that although it may not be the most popular idea, more changes need to be made in a different way.

He says, “Romney is going to bring in new energy to the party, and he’s going to bring in younger people.”

Russell’s son, Earl Russell advises that the GOP represent itself in a younger light.

“I love my dad, but at 73 years old, you should not be the face of this party.” Russell says his son Earl Russell has told him. “The face has to be the 25-30 year old man and woman.”

“We need to be more inclusive, and I think Romney is going to do that,” says Russell. “And I hope Georgia will catch on.”

“This week there is more energy here than at the 2008 convention, and I think that’s a good thing and I think that will make a difference.” Russell says with hope.


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