Guest Speakers at Final Convention Night

By Meghan Meier

TAMPA, Fla.- At the 2012 Republican National Convention Thursday night, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Lt. Gov. Kerry Healy of Massachusetts discussed why presidential nominee Mitt Romney would better the American people financially and academically.

Beyond economics and education, married couple Ted and Pat Oparowski brought a personal touch to the convention as they talked about the death of their son David. Bringing a lighter touch to the Republican Convention, legendary actor Clint Eastwood made a grand appearance as he brought charm and witty comments to the stage.

Opening the convention, Bush’s primary focus was the future of education.

“That’s the essence of education,” said Bush. “Students getting a chance at a future.”

In the U.S., one- fourth of graduate from high school are not ready to test out of exit exams. In China and India, engineering jobs are produced eight more times than American students said Bush.

In many schools around the country, economic issues become a liability. In order for all students to have the resources to succeed, all schools must have equal opportunity in learning.

“All kids can learn,” said Bush. “Romney believes it, and the data proves it. While he was governor of Massachusetts he raised standards and today their students lead the nation in academic performance.”

Throughout his life, Romney has dedicated his life to better the economic struggles Americans face.

During their partnership in Massachusetts, Healey and Romney worked diligently to regulate small business and minimize unemployment. As a result, taxes were cut 19 times and unemployment dropped to 4.7 percent said Healey.

Couple Ted and Pat Oparowski were invited to the convention to talk about their personal relationship with Romney.

Dating back 30 years ago, Ted and Pat’s young son David, 14, was diagnosed with Non- Hodgkin’s lymphoma. It was during that time Romney and his family became a comforting support system during this tragic time.

“Mitt visited our home numerous times with his oldest son, Tagg,” said Ted Oparowski. “He was in the vanguard of our support system when we received the news that no parent is prepared to confront.”

During seven months of treatment, Romney took the time to visit David at the hospital. Finding out that David had a love for fireworks, Romney bought a box of “Big Time” fireworks where he set them off at the beaches of Ogunquit, Maine with the permission of the fire department said Pat Oparowski.

On David’s request, he wished Romney to perform his eulogy. Following his death, Romney honored that request.

“How many men do you know would take the time out of their busy lives to visit a terminally ill 14 year old and help him settle his affairs,” said Pat Oparowski.

When welcomed to the podium, rounds of applause and chants filled the convention hall as renowned actor Clint Eastwood walked onto the podium.

Teasing the Democratic Party, Eastwood stood beside an empty chair pretending to have an open discussion with President Obama about the economic problems the nation is in. With rounds of applause and chanting Romney’s name, Eastwood continues to ask Obama about promises he did not keep.

“So, Mr. President how do you handle promises you made when you were running for election,” said Eastwood. “What do you say?”

After many applauses from the audiences, Eastwood turned towards his own personal thoughts of the up coming election and what the Republican Party means to the future of America.

“We own this country,” said Eastwood. “Its not you owning it. It’s not politicians owning it, Politicians are employees of ours.”


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