Looking Within The Republican Convention


Tampa, Fla. — As the Republican National Convention concluded its week-long run Thursday, Georgia delegates and Republican national leaders look forward to the 2012 November election.

Beginning August 26th through the August 30th, Georgia delegates gathered at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay Hotel in support of the Republican Party.

At Thursday’s breakfast ceremony, David Ralston, speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives, spoke of encouragement and determination of future plans to bring back the Georgia House with the supporting efforts of the Republican Party.

“We will roll up our sleeves and go to work on things that matter in Georgia,” said Ralston. “We’re bringing more Republicans to the Georgia House.”

One great achievement of the 2012 Republican National Convention is the outreach to women delegates. More then ever, more women are able to speak for their political beliefs and run for elected office.

“I think it is very clear that the Republican Party has embraced women,” said Rose Wing, guest for the Republican National Convention.

Giving women the freedom to speak and run for office, helps gives the Republican Party different perspectives when facing a problem.

Economics and fixing the unemployment rate are the two top priorities to all Georgia delegates. Finding solutions and new strategies to help the American people are the delegates main concern.

Another concern is national debt. Over the last four years, President Obama’s administration has added an extra $5 trillion dollars to America’s debt and leading to a staggering $16 trillion total said Wing.

National media coverage and social networking are the primary means of informing the American people. As the media continues to show 24-hour coverage of the campaign events, supporters and non-supporters are able to stay in tune with the campaign.

This instant networking helps Republicans reach out to people across the nation, especially to those still undecided to whom they are going to vote for the 2012 election.

Some Republican delegates have questioned Mitt Romney’s choice in selecting Paul Ryan for vice president. Some supporters believed Ryan would be an unfit choice to help Romney win this year’s presidential election.

But Bryan Tyson, an at large alternate delegate from Marietta, said, “I think the Ryan pick helps confirm for conservatives that Governor Romney is a conservative.  I think that there was some doubt about that during the primary process and it is good to see that helped persuade some fears based on people who I talked to.”

A specialist in the federal budget, Ryan is a United States representative from Wisconsin.

As the convention came to a close, the majority of Republicans believed Ryan to be a true representative of Republican values.

As a week-long event, the convention has shown that the Republican Party is ready for change and Republicans will be the ones to make the changes, said Wing.


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