Democrats Not Threatened By Blue vs. Red Map


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Chuck Herz, State Chair of the Democratic Party of Wyoming, lives in one of the reddest states in the union. Although Herz says he is very excited for the convention this week, he says odds are his state will not follow suit with what delegates are trying to accomplish in Charlotte for the 2012 Election.

“I do not believe Obama is likely to win our state, but we are very excited and hopeful of picking up some seats in our legislature and county commissioner seats as well,” says Herz.

Other than participating in the leadership of the party, Herz says they are doing all the work back home.

Chuck Herz, State Chair of The Democratic Party of Wyoming

“We are busy making calls to voters in our state and raising money for the campaign,” says Herz.

When Michelle Obama visited Wyoming in July, Herz says they raised a significant amount of money for the campaign.

Anna Meija, a delegate from New Jersey, is more confident President Obama will win her state, even though her governor is a Republican.

“New Jersey is technically a blue state, but our Governor is Chris Christie so that kind of makes us a purple state,” says Meija.

Meija is not concerned that the color of her state will waiver in any way. She says that even Gov. Chris Christie thinks New Jersey is definitely going to go for President Obama.

“I read he (Gov. Chris Christie) was asked by Mitt Romney whether he thought there was a possibility of him winning in New Jersey and Gov. Chris Christie said ‘No, not a chance,’” says Meija. “I’m happy about that, so much so that we are exporting people to Pennsylvania so that we win there.”

Meija says she is only apprehensive the Democratic Party does not have the same enthusiasm the Republican Party seems to have. While there are many apathetic voters in New Jersey, says Meija, she says she hopes that in the end everyone will come out to vote.

Another excited delegate, Maria Isabel, is representing Texas in Charlotte. She says the two issues she feels most strongly about are healthcare and education. She refers to her state as ‘powdered blue’, even though Texas is most likely a red state on the map.

“I campaign as much as I can. I was very instrumental and very active in Houston so when I was elected to come here, I was just so honored,” says Isabel.

Isabel is a Cuba native and says voting is an incredible privilege, considering she is from a Communist country. She actively recruits people in her state to vote. There are many people that are registered, she says, yet they do not actively vote.

“I talk to my family who are registered voters. I don’t listen to the news so I don’t listen to the polls, but because of where I am from I am passionate about voting,” says Isabel.

Isabel says she does not worry about the outcome. She says she is just worried about today and what she and other delegates can do in the moment.

Chuck Herz and other delegates participating in the Democratic National Convention appear to be determined to support President Obama regardless if they hail from blue or red states.


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