International Dignitaries Visit the DNC in Charlotte

By: Araba Okyire

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The Democratic National Convention kicked off Sunday with welcome events in Charlotte for delegates and international guests including
British Consul General Annabelle Malins and Deputy Consul General of Japan Joji

In separate interviews both consulers stressed the need to maintain good relations with America by understanding how the American political process works within the prevailing foreign policy to enable an inclusive non-partisan participation of foreign countries at such monumental events.

“Britain and America have a long history of great relationship because we share similar
democratic values which are crucial in any long standing alliance. This convention is yet one of the many opportunities to let the United States know that Great Britain still stands with her,” Malins said.

The British Consul General touched on U.S. and Great Britain as allies and said the United States  Great Britain have worked together for decades to encourage and defend freedom and justice in many war-torn countries in Africa, the Middle-East and other troubled countries of the world. On the issue of trade and investments, Malins reiterated the strong economic bond between Great Britain and the United States adding that the two countries have been each other’s top investors, top foreign employers and
partners in science and innovations.

In a similar discussion, the Deputy Consul General of Japan, Joji Miyamori, said trade and economic development between Japan and the United States has greatly enhanced
the two countries’ relations.

“It is important that we maintain this close relationship by participating in political events like this, that’s why I am here tonight,” Miyamori said.

Sheikh Rahman, a Georgia State Committee at Large member originally from Pakistan, credited the United States with the spread of democracy and freedom in other parts of the world. Rahman said even though there is so much political turmoil in some Arab and African countries, the world is still a better place than it would have been without the United States’ strategic interventions.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to be here as a ‘Delegate At large’ for this convention,” Rahman said.





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