Avoiding the Freshman 15

Quick and Easy Exercises


KENNESAW, Ga. – Being away from home can be difficult when you have temptations like the dining hall and fast food restaurants surrounding college campuses. Gone are the days when you can eat a delectable, home-cooked meal, with the vegetables your mother never
forgot to include. Gone are the days where your high school automatically adds P.E. to our class schedule. You are now forced to embark on the journey of taking care of yourself.

Watch What You Put In Your Mouth

Many people have heard the phrase, “you are what you eat.” Although this phrase may be cliche, it is true in a sense. When you eat unhealthy food, you become an unhealthy person.When you eat healthy food, you maintain good health. With that being said, be
sure not to skip out on the vegetables. Your parents may not be there to bug you about it, but put your health before your issues with vegetables.

Vegetables are not the only food you should focus on, though. Be sure to have a balanced diet. Include not only vegetables, but fruits, dairy, meats, and bread too. Take a glance at
a nutrition chart every once in a while to make sure you consume the right portions of each food group.

Arielle Kahn, nutrition enthusiast, shares her thoughts on vegetables.

“I actually love vegetables! You just have to season them the right way, that’s all.”

Kahn is very big on eating healthily and even uses the social media site Pinterest to post recipes for healthy meals that are also tasty.

You may be wondering how it’s possible to maintain a healthy diet with the nasty food from the dining hall and the daily temptation of fast food. If this is a big concern for
you, then start cooking in your dorm, or select a school with a great dining hall.

Kennesaw State University was ranked in Newsweek among the top 25 universities for campus dining in 2011. Its dining hall, named The Commons, has many different types of food to choose from. Ranging from salad to pizza to Asian cuisine, The Commons has something for everyone to enjoy.

Hit the gym

Going to the gym can be a joy for some and a pain for some, but it’s a very important part of college life. There may be times where you slip up and buy a little too much fast food; or a time when it seems like every event on campus hands out free pizza. Going to the gym
regularly will help eliminate any surprises your body has for you.

The gym doesn’t always have to be rigorous or boring. Hillary Briordy, a senior at Kennesaw State, and employee at Gold’s Gym, shares her opinion about working out.

“Going to the gym doesn’t have to always be boring. There’s great music playing all the time and you can even take a zumba class or something.”

Briordy suggests the various fitness classes to anyone who will listen. She attends the yoga,
kickboxing, and cycling classes, but her favorite is the zumba class.

“The music that they play just pumps you up and actually makes you excited to work out. They bump [the music] like it’s a club, and sometimes you even forget that you’re
exercising,” she said.

Be In Control

Watching what you eat and making sure you exercise may be a lot to think about when you have your new school, new friends, and a new workload on your mind, but just be in control of you. Have fun, but know your limits. Work out with a new group of friends, or pretend you and your friends are on a cooking show. Just take care of yourself and have

Photo by Jasmine A. Harris



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