Family Business Forced to Close


Abe Clark, 52, of Snellville has for 15 years owned and operated a family business, Ponko Chicken, located in Stone Mountain. The recession is, however, crashing down on the business’ annual revenue and Clark is now forced to close his doors.

” I know the business will prosper in a different location and with more advertising,” he said. “There are not enough people in this area who are willing to eat out with the prices of food being so high.”

Clark, who has been an entrepreneur for his entire career, and his wife Reiko, 51, were saddened to hear the business that they have worked so hard for, has to be shut down because the income was not leveling with the expenses.

“We’ve raised our children in this restaurant,” said Reiko Clark. “There are so many things that contribute to the loss of this business. This has definitely been a learning experience for our entire family.”

Abe Clark said that he made his dream come true over the last 15 years, and that is all that matters to him. He insists that he will not lose hope for the future of the business.

“I hope to find a building in the midtown area, to re-create my dynasty,” said Abe Clark. “Everyone loves Ponko Chicken so the legacy has to continue somewhere else where we can have a fresh start.”



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