How to be Successful in Your Hunt for a Job


KENNESAW, Ga. – Many college students and recent graduates are wondering how they can beat the job hunting blues and succeed in an economy that has yet to bounce back from the recession that began in late 2007.

According to some managers’ opinions, it seems that successful job hunting comes from within.

“They have to be enthusiastic about the job,” said Norris Williamson, manager of the Longhorn Steakhouse off Barrett Parkway.

Williamson worked at Longhorn Steakhouse for three years before the opportunity to
be the manager presented itself. He describes himself as a “people person.” Making people happy is Williamson’s favorite part of being a manager though he believes that is not
the only reason he landed the job as manager.

“I believe it was my personality and my technical proficiency within the restaurant, because I’d been with them for three years, said Williamson. “And it’s also my desire to learn more and get better at it.”

Faryn Wallace is the manager at Wing Zone. She also relied on her personality when pursuing her manager position.

“I’m personable and I get my work done,” said Wallace.

So job hunting is not only about your work experience although it is an important factor for an employer seeking the right candidate for the job. But clearly, getting the job is also about personality and work ethic.

Some Good Advice

There are many ways in which you can leave a lasting impression on a potential employer.

Don’t just do your job because you have to. Work as if it is the best job you have ever had. Show employers that you are willing – and happy- to be there and that you’re ready to take on more responsibilities.

No one wants an incompetent worker. Research the job you are applying for ahead of time. Know the duties of the potential position and be sure that you can present the skills to execute these duties in an efficient manner.

Personality plays an important role in selecting an employee. An employer is not going to select someone who they feel they can’t work with. They also won’t pick someone whom they don’t think will be able to relate to the customers or co-workers.

Show that you’re work-oriented; you need to have the drive. Laziness is not acceptable, especially in this economy, and no one has time to waste.

Finally, two managers share these tips.

“You can’t be picky, for one. If you really need to work then you need to go with whatever work you can get. Have a positive attitude. Some doors will open for you eventually so just work with what you got and pray about it,” said Wallace.

“Just keep trying. There are always opportunities. It’s all about confidence. Don’t be lazy about it,” said Williamson.

When job hunting, your attitude truly matters and can be the difference that gets you the job over someone else.


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