New Student Development Office at KSU


Bullying of the gay community continues to be a problem. Several cases arise each year, especially among college students. Allies of the gay community at Kennesaw State
University want to raise awareness of bullying on their campus.

The Student Development Center at KSU has recently opened a new office of student retention services for the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, intersex, and questioning
community. The gay community is growing on the campus of KSU, and the department
has been opened to provide support, comfort, and counseling.

Associate Director of Student Development Nicole Phillips said she wants to raise awareness utilizing active student leaders in the Student Development Office.

“I would like to reach out to others on campus and in the community to see what the needs and what the concerns are,” said Phillips.

With the introduction of websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets, young people who are victims of bullying are retaliating and committing suicide at
alarming rates. This is a development that has school personnel worried.

“Many of the schools are having issues with the whole idea of bullying because many things go un-witnessed,” said Phillips.

“Schools that I substituted at had clubs and support groups that were helpful to that
particular community. I believe services like these will aid in the success and the reduction of bullying,” said Florence Hutchison-Culbreth, who is a substitute teacher.

Many outside communities also have support groups that cater to the needs of the gay
community, and KSU has now taken action and added its own support services for its students to ensure the safety of GLBTIQ students.

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