Making it in the Pharmaceutical Sales Industry


Breaking into the pharmaceutical sales industry can be a tough job. And once there, keeping that position and thriving in it is an even tougher job. Kim Little is at the top of her company in sales for Amgen Biotech. She explains that many people view the pharmaceutical selling career as a “fluffy,” comfy job with many perks and incentives for little work in return.

This is entirely inaccurate, according to Little. Even getting a job as a pharmaceutical sales representative is extremely hard and once in the field, the job is grueling. Having to compete with all your co-workers every day just to keep your job is stressful, explains Little.

On top of the competition aspect, one must continue to make quota every month and boost sales. If you are not good a pitching a sale, you will not thrive in the industry.

Little believes that you need a sturdy backbone. Along with the job comes criticism from doctors who have little time to listen, and many doors are shut in your face. Many doctors do not want to speak with representatives and only agree to do so because they recognize the need to have the best drugs available for their patients. Rejection is part of the day-to-day business of pharmaceutical sales.


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