Social Media: Stepping Up to the Plate


Social Media has become part of our everyday life and is now, more than ever, proving to become one of the leading factors in job searches.

Two baseball players, Michael Bourn of the Atlanta Braves and David Freese of the St. Louis Cardinals were neck and neck in making it to the all-star games. In the end, Freese was the one who made it to the games, getting selected by fans in a “last chance” competition. Social media played a large role in that outcome.

“Freese’s team of managers and public relations specialists knew how important it was to reach out to their fans through Twitter,” said Melanie Romanaux, CEO & creative director at Somedia Solutions, Inc. “So Freese started to pay more attention to Twitter and building up a fan base online and in turn, got a lot of followers out of it. Unfortunately, Bourn did not invest in social media and was not picked for the all-star game, because his fan base was not nearly as strong as Freese’s was.”

Freese made it to the all-star game not only because of his athletic ability but because he took the time to invest in his fans through social media. As social media continues to grow, it will create a platform for athletes to promote themselves and connect with their fans.

As the example of Freese shows, paying attention to social media can pay off if you invest in it correctly and for the right reasons. Your brand belongs to your audience and talking to your audience and letting them tell you things will ensure they keep a positive mindset of you and your brand. Freese let the fans build his brand for him and it proved to be a worth-while investment of time.

Make a Connection

Social media provides a platform for anyone in the public eye to connect with fans and get their name out.

“I think it’s just as much about listening as it is about talking,” said Romanaux. “You want to listen to what your fans want and do research to figure out how to act and how to react to fans. Fans want to see you interacting with them on Twitter, because it shows you actually care about them.”

Freese has done an even better job at contacting his fans after he was admitted into the all-star games. On his Twitter page he thanked his fans for their support.

“I think the most important thing an athlete, or any entertainer for that matter, can do is connect with his or her fans and use social media as a tool to do that,” said Melanie’s spouse Randy Romanaux. “Somedia Solutions helps businesses and organizations build their social media platform and establish a relationship with customers.”

Social media has proven to help people connect with friends and family; celebrities connect with their fans; and now even athletes land a spot in the all-star games. Social media will undoubtedly play a large role in the media world for years to come, giving individuals and businesses an important competitive advantage.

Note: Bourn was later selected for the all-star games as a substitute for an injured player.


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