Helpful Tips to Avoid Credit Card Fraud


The holiday season is fast approaching and shoppers will be reaching for their credit cards. But are they the only ones reaching?

Many shoppers are hesitant this season about using their credit cards online or even going to the shops for fear of someone stealing their credit card information.

Jacqueline Worrell is a fraud analyst for a bank. She has some helpful hints to protect our cards during the holiday rush.

Worrell recommends only using your cards at known locations such as a store you go to often or an online store that has a secure browser. Also, check for loose card readers. This could be a sign that a perpetrator has installed a device that will send your card information to an off-site computer. Worrell also suggests reviewing your statements monthly.

“I encounter multiple customers a day that have fraud on their accounts for months because they are not looking at their bills,” said Worrell.

Another way to combat fraud is to stay in touch with your card issuer. They may have security programs to help you protect yourself against identity theft and other forms of fraud.

Fraud department manager Jamaal Hale also has some helpful advice when it comes to suspicious activity.

“In response to emails, phone calls, or text messages, it is always safer to call the number on the back of your card,” said Hale. “Fraud rings use these methods to trick and trap customers.”

Hale also suggested being cautious of the card leaving your sight.

“It’s just too easy for someone to copy down your card information and hand it right back to you. That’s all they need to make a copy of your card,” said Hale.

There are many ways for us to protect ourselves this holiday season as we’re shopping for our loved ones. It is very easy to protect yourself just by being aware of your card location and activity. With an increase in electronic shopping it seems we need to be a little more cautious about our credit cards during this holiday season.



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