QuikTrip to Implement Upgrades


QuikTrip, a gas station franchise known for fast, family-friendly service, is in the process of making store changes that will separate it further from other gas stations.

The changes, according to QuikTrip CEO Chet Cadieux, run from new Generation store layouts to new upscale product offerings inside. The franchise has plans to upgrade food bars in the stores and will be testing for order systems at the gas pumps; some locations will even have drive-thru facilities.

At a recent annual meeting held at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, employees gathered to hear about new developments within the company. Employees and customers alike now excitedly await implementation of the new designs.

“I think it’s absolutely awesome, and I can’t wait to see it,” said QuikTrip customer Madison Kalizewski. ”I mean, forget about it being a gas station.  What other place in general can you go to that offers all of that in one place?”

Right now, the company is under the process of remodeling and equipping their entire Generation 1 and 2 stores. They will have better counter options and gas pump upgrades like the current Generation 3 stores.  The upcoming Generation 4 stores will have the capability and size to support the full drive-thru.

“The ordering at the pump and the drive-thru are my personal favorites,” said Adam Bearden, QuikTrip assistant manager. “I think it will prove to be a good option, especially since our stores are very popular with disabled customers and parents with small children and babies in the car.”

The fresh condiment and topping bar for food items is one of the upgrades customers will see at most Generation 3 QuikTrip stores right now. The success of the drive-thru and the pump order concepts are currently being tested at the very first completed Generation 4 store located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Construction of the second location is in Suwanee, Georgia and it is expected to be completed next month.



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