Work Opportunities at Local Churches


Many people in the Atlanta area are finding work in their local churches, leading worship through songs, speaking, small-group leadership or simply volunteering; the opportunities are endless.

At Buckhead Church, thousands of people gather on Sundays to worship. Many different services take place here; a main service for adults, “Waumba Land” for young kids, “Transit” for middle school-aged children, “Inside-Out” for high school-aged teens, and “The Living Room,” which are weekly gatherings for college students.

This happens on Sundays because of the hard work of employees, who work throughout the week, planning and scheduling.

“I never imagined I could enjoy a job so much. My internship with Buckhead Church has taught me that I can love my job,” said Bonnie McBride, a Buckhead Church College Ministry Intern.

McBride has helped put together weekly speakers for the church’s college night. She works alongside the band to come up with song choices and also assists the college minister, Brad Horton, in organizing new ideas for the ministry. She hopes to have a job working with a church in the Atlanta area after she graduates from Georgia State next spring.

Scott England has been a worship music leader, a worship music minister, and has written worship music at different Atlanta-area churches for the last 15 years.

“I think so much of my involvement started with a genuine encounter with God,” England said. “I realized I had a gift and knew music was what I loved to do, so the next step was an obvious choice. I wanted to make a different in people’s lives and felt called to do it.”

England says that he enjoys seeing people be drawn into any type of ministry. He wants people to know of the full-time job opportunities and volunteer opportunities there are in the field.

Buckhead Church is only one of the many North Point campuses. To find a campus near you, check out


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