Loyal Customer Base a Strong Foundation for Success


Capozzie’s Pizza in Cobb County is a competitive restaurant business that maintains its customers with homemade Italian food and superb customer service.

At the peak of its success, Capozzie’s Pizza has opened locations in Roswell, Marietta, Johnsons Ferry Road, and Chastain Road, transforming itself into a competitive
restaurant chain in the north Atlanta area. The restaurants are managed privately by individuals, but are owned by the founder John Capozzie, a chef who has been in the restaurant business for 15 years.

Capozzie has been cooking Italian food since he was a child in his mother’s kitchen; at 15 he was washing dishes in a local pizzeria. Capozzie grew up in an Italian family, where food is an important part of the culture.

“I have been in the restaurant business since I was 15 years old, so naturally I wanted to do something in the restaurant business,” Capozzie said.

Capozzie quickly became a top chef in the food industry and in 1999 was featured as one of the best of the best chefs in Creative Loafing Newspaper. Capozzie was also voted best chef three years in a row for the reader’s choice award in the magazine Around About Town.

Capozzie opened the Roswell restaurant first, which is the location he currently manages and works at. It has been consistently busy since it first opened its doors.

Photo by Richard Chase Brown

When asked about how he found the location in Roswell, Capozzie chuckled and said, “The location kind of found me. I saw that some people were behind on their rent and could not
really afford the building, so I told them I was interested in the spot and I got it.”

Capozzie expanded his business to several Cobb County locations after successfully establishing the Roswell restaurant.

Capozzie’s Pizza specializes in Italian food and serves to a variety of customers. The most
popular dish is Capozzie’s Cheese Pizza, a 12 inch pie that will have your taste buds engulfed in delicious red Italian sauce and thick melted cheese. Capozzie’s Pizza also serves many Italian dishes, using veal, shrimp and pasta ingredients among others.

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The restaurants have also built their success on customer service, treating all customers with the highest respect, kindness and consideration.

“You always have to have a certain level of customer service so people know that they are
appreciated,” Capozzie said.

Capozzie’s Pizza has been consistently successful and Capozzie has not seen a need to
advertise.  In fact, Capozzie said that he has never advertised, but he has supported the local community because they support him.

Capozzie sponsors local high schools during their sports seasons and when they have fundraising events. He also supports local churches. When local churches have youth group events he supports them by sponsoring their events as well. Sponsoring events for local high schools and churches brings more publicity and popularity to the churches
and high schools. This helps the chances of their events being successful.

Support for and from the local communities helps add to the business success. The customers in the area are loyal and supportive of all of Capozzie’s Pizza locations

“They have  great customer service; they are very attentive and caring to customer needs,” customer Jeff Fuller said.” I have been there many times and the food was delicious. I had the popular New York style cheese pizza with thin crust.”

Some of the customers, according to John Capozzie’s employees, can be difficult to cater to. Anthony Capozzie is the son of John Capozzie and has worked for him in several locations.

“The area has a lot of wealthy people because of the location it is in,” Anthony Capozzie said. ” Every now and then you get customers who can be snobby, but we hire people who are charismatic and care for customers when they come in. It makes them easier to deal with. The workers we hire help people feel like they are at home; like they have just walked into their mom’s personal Italian kitchen.”

Because of the current economic situation, Capozzie’s Pizza has slowed down at times, but its customers are so loyal that the company was never in danger of going out of business. Many customers are attracted to the company because of John Capozzie’s experience.

“My dad’s experience has led to this company’s success. His ability to cook in different styles attracts all types of customers. He cooks everything from scratch and can pretty much cook anything,” Anthony Capozzie said. “I prefer to work at the location in
Roswell because it gets the most business. Also since it is where the restaurant originated it just feels like home.”

Unlike many other pizza places, Capozzie’s Pizza is a sit down restaurant. It does not deliver, which is a benefit to the company because it doesn’t have to pay extra employees to deliver the food, according to Anthony Capozzie. This helps the company stay
stable during slow periods when customers are struggling financially.

“I have been cooking for about 36 years. We make a good product that is reasonably priced. I have been very successful with that formula,” John Capozzie said.

All of the Italian dishes are homemade from scratch and are cooked by John Capozzie and chefs who are approved by him. Capozzie’s Pizza continues to expand its business by adding new ingredients to its menu, offering a variety of Italian meals and by making customers the first priority. That is why Capozzie’s Pizza is the restaurant of choice for so many people looking for a reasonably priced delicious meal and a family friendly environment.



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