Foundation Reaches out to High School Girls, Community


We’re all in this together are five words that the ladies of the Sisterhood Foundation know all too well as it is the slogan of their beloved organization.  The Sisterhood Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded by Keke Robinson in the summer of 2004.

“I just wanted to have something that girls could do during the summer or after school to keep them out of trouble,” said Robinson.

Since it was established, the Sisterhood Foundation has set out to help girls of all ages reach academic excellence in addition to helping them succeed in the real world. The
foundation, which started in Hiram, Ga., now has members from several different counties
including Paulding County, Henry County and Cobb County.

Every month Robinson comes up with two big activities for her girls to partake in. One activity is to give the girls a break from stressful things that they may have going on in their life; this includes activities  such as a movie night, bowling, or skating. The other activity is community related and gives each member a chance to do something to help someone else. These activities include reading to younger kids, helping out at a homeless shelter or taking different donations to  Goodwill.

“No matter what’s going on at work or school, I know that there will be a day coming up out of the month where I can just forget about it all and do something positive with my sisters. That’s what keeps me going,” said Tia Hines, one of the oldest members of the
Sisterhood Foundation.

As each month rolls around, Robinson tries to think of new and creative activities for the girls to do that month, but for March’s activity she has decided to get more of the members input on what their community activity should be. As a whole, the members agreed on doing a college tour.

Since a majority of the girls are high school seniors and juniors, everyone thought that it would be a good idea to take some time out to go visit some of the member’s top college
choices. Robinson also took the initiative to make flyers for the girls to hand out in their neighborhood so that others could join them as well. The college tour event is set to take place March 22nd and will hopefully give the girls a sense of direction of what they would like to do once they graduate.

“If this tour is as successful as I believe it will be then it will definitely be something that we could look into doing every year around graduation time. I just really want my girls to succeed, so this will be somewhat of a trial run of what the future could hold,” said Robinson.

The ladies of the Sisterhood Foundation seem to all agree upon the fact that one day they hope to see Sisterhood Foundations all across the world, but will be happy to say they were
some of the founding members.

“I just hope that we, as sisters, continue to prosper as an organization, and who knows, maybe one day there will be a Brotherhood Foundation. But no matter what happens tomorrow, next week, or even next year I just want my girls to know that just as we say
before every meeting or event, ‘We’re all in this together’,”  said Robinson.



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