Gym Motivates Members Through Personal Trainers


The Dallas, Ga., gym 24/7 Freedom Fitness has recently begun permitting certified personal trainers to  train its clients and charge per-hour rates,  a policy which became
fully effective in mid-January to allow the trainers to make money for their
hard work as well as to help the gym ultimately make more money by bringing in
more members.

The gym has been around for about nine years now, but has never made a name for itself like it has in recent days. With the help of some veteran gym members, the owner decided it would be beneficial to once again try the personal trainer approach, which allows the certified trainers to charge hourly rates for their services.

This is a big break for the trainers in the gym such as Cynthia Clayton, because she is now able to make money instead of just doing it to help better others. Now she is able to  gain not only happiness, but also  some money in her pockets.

The approach is likely to increase gym memberships, and members will gain many benefits from  having a personal trainer like Clayton.

“I gain happiness by spending time with my clients and teaching them, not only how to gain muscle and become big and strong, but also in helping motivate my clients into living a healthy lifestyle,” said Clayton.

Clayton went on to discuss the reasons why she thinks being able to charge clients will work this time around, and what will help bring awareness to people around the area
of Dallas.

“I am glad that with all this new social media, my gym will be able to promote us better as a gym as well as each individual trainer, which will help us make a name for ourselves,” said Clayton. “This will not only be bringing money in for us as individual trainers, but since we give 15 percent of our profits to the gym it will help better our gym, not to mention the increase in membership sign-ups since we are offering training services.”

The Advertising Difference

Last time the gym’s trainers charged hourly rates, the approach failed due to lack of advertising. According to Clayton, trainers began going elsewhere – or they simply began
training for fun. Clayton said the gym is close to her house, and added that she
thoroughly enjoys training, be it for money, fun or just working out.

She believes that this time around will be a lot different, because now she is able to
promote herself within the gym and members can be encouraged to get a trainer.

One of Clayton’s clients, William Holland, finds that the gym has a lot of potential these days.

“I am actually friends with a few members of this gym and they have always been on my case about joining, and what better thing to do for my New Year’s resolution,” said
Holland. “ I have always thought of this gym as one that did not have much potential, having come in as a guest, but since then they have really upgraded with new equipment as well as recent changes to help better the place.”

Holland also thinks that getting a trainer will help him stick to his New Year’s resolution. He believes that training with a trainer versus just working out on your own is different, because you are being pushed to go the extra mile. On your own you are more likely to quit when it gets too difficult.

“It has really brought some attention to our gym and it seems to be bringing in much more business as people are coming in initially as guests to try us out, liking us enough to join and then are slowly getting themselves involved with a personal trainer,” said Brandon Clayton, a part-time desk worker and the son of Cynthia.

And Cynthia herself is in it for the long run.

“Right now, I am still currently working at South Polytechnic State University full-time as the secretary for the vice president and business finance department, so I am only able to be at the gym for about three hours a day on weekdays, but unlimited time on the weekends,” said Clayton. “Once I retire from Southern Polytechnic State University in December of 2013, I will have a lot more free time and will be able to work with and train many more people.”

The gym could become a very successful business in the near future with people such as
Clayton who are committed to its future.


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