Website Services Facilitate Job Search in Growing Market


ATLANTA – The market for nannies in the Atlanta metropolitan area is quickly growing. With flexible hours and a generous, tax-free salary, becoming a nanny can be a valid choice of employment for a college student.

New website services, including and, make it easier and more convenient than ever to find an available caretaker position.

Niranjani Ravindar, Carrie Watts and Abby Daniel, three Kennesaw State University students, have nanny jobs inside of the Atlanta area.

“I nanny in Buckhead for two pre-teen girls,” Ravindar said.

Ravindar, who works five days a week, makes $11 an hour. Watts, who also works five days a week, makes $10 an hour. Both are compensated $25 a week for gas expenses.

Ravindar’s job was passed down to her from a friend who was leaving the job, whereas Watts found her job on the caretaker-finding site, Watts travels 45 minutes to Roswell for work; there she cares for two boys, a 16-year-old and a 12-year-old.

Ravindar and Watt’s duties vary because of the age of the children they take care of. Ravindar guides her nanny children through their homework, drives them to daily activities, cooks dinner, and cleans the house. Watts serves mostly as a driver, taking her nanny children to any activities they want to go and hanging out with them while they are at the house. can be a great resource for someone who is trying to find a caretaker position. Upon arriving at the site, you are prompted to make a profile, either as a caretaker seeking work or a homeowner seeking help. The website provides help to anyone who is looking for a job in areas of childcare, pet care, senior citizen care, housekeeping or tutoring. You can specify your search by location, price range, hourly rate and frequency.

Abby Daniel, a freshman at Kennesaw State University, expressed her appreciation for the convenience of the hours of a nanny job.

“I take morning classes, so I just leave after my classes and arrive at their school to pick them up at 2:30,” said Daniel, who works in Buckhead for three children, ages 9, 11 and 13.

The 9-year-old boy, whom Daniel is a nanny for, suffers from dyslexia and has many appointments centered around that. Most of Daniel’s duties include driving the 9-year-old to tutoring appointments and vision therapy appointments.

Nannies provide a great service to families, particularly families with single mothers. Both Ravindar and Daniel’s nanny mothers, who are friends, are single and own their own businesses. With a hectic schedule that often includes traveling, it is important for these mothers to have someone who can look after their children and their homes at times when they cannot be there.

Daniel works five days a week and makes $12 an hour, with $25 compensation for gas a week. Each week she works about 20 hours, roughly four hours every afternoon. Occasionally she will stay with the children and dogs overnight when her nanny mother has to go out of town on business.

“When I stay overnight I get $75 for the night, but I still get paid $12 an hour until 8 p.m.,” Daniel said.

The additional income earned as a nanny can make a big difference for any college student trying to get by in today’s economy – and the internet can be a great facilitator for this growing market.




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