The New Leading Lady: the Multitasking Woman


Jessica A. Quinn of Jessica (Atteberry) Quinn PR and Aleesha Carter of K A C, Images and U, LLC are practitioners of public relations who have decided to not be the modern day June Cleavers, but rather working women who not only ensure that the needs of their households are met, but also the demanding requests of their clients.

Quinn, 43, began her company as a single woman, which explains why her maiden name of Atteberry is placed strategically in parenthesis of her company name. She is a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi, with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and an emphasis in public relations; in 1993 she began her career in public relations .

“I initially wanted to be a journalist,” said Quinn.  “After meeting with several people in the journalism field, [I learned] that if I wanted to have a family, I should do PR.”

Choosing family and now married, Quinn is not only a publicist, but has also found time to receive her Masters of Fine Arts from Kennesaw State University; she is now a professor at KSU in the Department of Communication.

Since starting her own company in 2001, Quinn has obtained an impressive roster of clientele who are faith-based authors, including former National Football League coach, Tony Dungy. She has served as his publicist for all of his nonfiction books since 2007. Author and Dallas mega-church pastor Dr. Tony Evans and Susan Merrill, whose new book “Passionate Mom” will be released in April, are also some of the people on Quinn’s list of clients.

Working in the PR industry for more than 20 years, Quinn leaves this quote she learned early on in her career as a final thought, “To make it in this business and to have a social life, you have to learn how to be a bitch  by day, and a lady by night.” Learning how to turn off her take-charge role by night has not only helped her gain balance in her career, but also in love, without skipping a beat.

Aleesha Carter confesses that as a multitasking woman you must progressively try to balance personal life and professional life simultaneously. Carter, 32, who focused on PR at Franklin University, is the CEO of her company K A C Images and U, LLC.

Carter, whose company specializes in, but is not limited to, entertainment publicity, takes on another hat of the multitasking woman: that of mother. She is the mother of two growing boys whom she loves, and she is determined to provide balance for them, while performing a “balancing act” with clients.

Quoting Nike’s slogan “Just Do It,” Carter expressed her ideals of juggling both family life and career life.

“I just know that both areas of my life are priorities, so I just do it!”

However, she worries at times that she may be giving more of her time to one area versus the other. As a parent and woman in the PR field, Carter must juggle dealing with a male-dominated sector, and said Carter, “the stereotypes of being a confident woman and carrying myself as such and being taken seriously.”

Noting that the career choice of PR chose her, Carter has been working as a practitioner since 2006. Her clients include platinum recording artist, Trina, reality television star of the hit VH1, “Love and Hip Hop” franchise, K. Michelle, and rapper/songwriter Rocko, to name a few.

Carter’s personal desire is for her business to expand into different areas as well as nationally. And for her family, she wants love and continuous growth and stability for her two sons. As far as the multitasking mom being the new leading lady, Carter said, “yes, absolutely!”



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