Beer Culture Brews up in Atlanta


With breweries popping up all over Atlanta it would appear that the city is no longer the barren beer desert is once was. Many breweries and microbreweries have opened their doors within the past year, providing Atlanta with new beer, new events and more opportunity for local brewers.

BrewAtlanta, a small company started in the summer of 2012, provides a platform for brewers of all skill levels to swap secrets or recipes. Not only does it give brewers a chance to talk in an open forum, but it provides people with a list of events pertaining to beer that are taking place in and around Atlanta, as well as reviews for new bars or breweries in the Atlanta area at

“We wanted to offer people a central location for them to find all the latest news about the local bars and breweries,” said Ryan Stockmal, founder and creator of

BrewAtlanta editors attend almost every major event in Atlanta. They raffle off prizes and, often times, tickets to other upcoming events. BrewAtlanta editors don’t just cater to events; they also do reviews for new breweries and bars all over town.

“Not only do I get to attend some of the most awesome events surrounding the beer culture here in Atlanta, but I also get to write, drink and talk about beer almost every day,” said Paul Olivier, writer and main contributor to the BrewAtlanta website.

The beer culture in Atlanta is still really young and fresh, starting with some breweries that took a chance 20 years ago.

In 1993, the Atlanta Brewing Co. opened its doors to the city of Atlanta, offering its Red Brick Ale to the masses. It didn’t take long for other brewers to come to Atlanta and follow ABC’s formula, and in 1997 SweetWater was open for business. These two breweries grew in popularity rather quickly and were soon in every bar across the city.

Even though a variety of other beers were being distributed in Atlanta, there were no craft breweries in the Atlanta area. With ABC and SweetWater being so successful, other breweries began to pop up; then restaurants began expanding their beer menus. Bigger beer menus created a bigger knowledge of different styles of beer thus paving the way for brewers to create their own microbrews.

Due to the rapid growth of craft and microbrews in and around Atlanta, the laws surrounding alcohol will be influenced to change, as will the culture that is growing through these craft and micro brews in and around Atlanta. It starts with companies like BrewAtlanta, which are exposing all the coolest trends in the Atlanta beer culture.

“We’re trying to be one of the first adapters of the growing beer culture here in Atlanta,” Stockmal said.




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