Hole in the Wall Atlanta Looking to Change Image to Bring in College Crowd, Hosting Beer Olympics


ATLANTA – Hole in the Wall Atlanta is planning its first ever “Beer Olympics” event in May 2013 – an event that includes drinking games typically well-known to college students, such as beer pong, flip cup, and Skeeball tournaments. Teams must have at least 10 people and the event has a tournament fee of $10 per person, after which people drink for free until the event is over.

Currently four teams are registered for the event, all consisting of students from Georgia State University in Atlanta. Three of the bartenders that work at Hole in the Wall attend Georgia State University, making it easier for them to promote the event there.

Mekhal Anvar, Hole in the Wall’s general manager, expresses difficulty promoting at other schools around the state, but remains optimistic. He believes they can get at least six more teams by May.

“We’re going around campuses in Atlanta and talking to different organizations around the schools about the Beer Olympics,” Anvar said.

“We’re hoping that once we bring these people in, we’ll be able to draw in the college crowd we’re looking for,” said Justin Brummit, assistant manager at Hole in the Wall.

According to Marianna Hewitt, a bartender at Hole in the Wall, the crowd coming in now is completely different from all the other bars in Buckhead.  She feels that it prevents new customers from coming in, because they are put off by the crowd Hole in the Wall typically draws in.

Hole in the Wall, located at 3177 Peachtree Road, is ready to change from a club scene to a more bar-like atmosphere.

“We were voted Atlanta’s #1 Dance Club by Insite Magazine and CitySearch.com, which is an honor, but we’re ready for a change. Being a dance club in the middle of an area known for its bars can be pretty hard,” said Anvar.  “Hopefully the Beer Olympics  will bring in people who don’t typically come to places like ours. We might have a lot of stuff that sets us apart, but if nobody knows about it, what’s the point?”

The point of Hole in the Wall’s Beer Olympics is to not only draw in college students, but to keep them coming in, week after week.

“Our bar is a great hangout for college kids. We’ve got beer pong tables, hookah, pool tables, a Skeeball machine and a lot more. With all that going for us, you’d think this would be the place to be,” said Brummit. “If I were 21 again, I’d be here all the time.”

Those who are attending the event, but do not wish to participate can take advantage of Hole in the Wall’s infamous stripper pole. According to Anvar, Hole in the Wall is the only bar in the Buckhead area that has one. The pole is elevated above the dance floor and draws in many bachelorette and birthday parties.  It also has a cage set up in a corner that women enjoy dancing in.

Hole in the Wall will continue to promote its Beer Olympics until the event is held in May. Anvar said he hopes  to make it an annual event, but regardless of whether  the event is a hit, he hopes that customers enjoy themselves and start coming into Hole in the Wall regularly.


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