The Voice of Kennesaw: A New Kind of Voice


A campus television show has been long anticipated by students and staff at Kennesaw State University, but wait no longer. “The Voice of Kennesaw” aired for the first time on Feb 11.

“We are elated to have a new way of delivering information to students. We hope to establish persistence with viewers as they grow accustomed to the personality and flow of the program,” said general manager of Owl Radio TV, Brittany Murphy, of the new show, ”

The Voice of Kennesaw airs on Owl Radio TV’s YouTube channel every other Monday.

Before The Voice of Kennesaw existed, it took years of discussion to finally reveal a desire to add a TV show to Owl Radio’s family.

“The team we have behind Owl Radio TV is very compatible; the radio branch is encouraging and welcoming to us, and we can operate as a well-oiled machine,” said Hilary Tapley, assistant director.

There are about 65 members currently on staff.

Owl Radio TV’s television manager, Alexis Cody, has exceptional vision to help the program succeed.

“KSU has been a commuter school for so long, and is now a four-year college getting a football team,” Cody said. “Owl Radio TV is already displaying a capability to connect our student body.”

Cody has hired a new staff of camera operators, editors, and on-camera personnel sharing this vision.

“It’s a great way for students to get involved on campus too. Our goal is to become a weekly show instead of bi-weekly and be students’ go-to source for news.”

Kennesaw State is still becoming acquainted with the show, and social media are one of the vehicles Owl Radio TV trusts to make students aware of the new program. Utilizing Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to post its material, Owl Radio TV provides an opportunity for students to know what campus activities are happening in a timely, convenient and credible fashion.

“We want to post polls and open our websites to student input, because we work for them and strive to cater to their interests,” Tapley said.

Employers have always sought experienced employees, and Owl Radio TV is a way for students to gain experience in radio and TV production and add those experiences to their resumes. Students have had experience with working in radio, and listeners have grown accustomed to Owl Radio’s style and consistency.

Now “The Voice of Kennesaw” brings students a new element of television and experience of its unique environment.

“It’s a fresh face for representation of our student body,” Said Tapley.

As The Voice of Kennesaw moves forward, the goal of every team member is to spread the word of this new addition to the student media family. They are welcoming students to engage with them on their YouTube website, Twitter and Facebook. Furthermore, students are welcome to ask for coverage of various events.

Upon seeing the Voice of Kennesaw, one notices a capability to unite students, bring attention to student activities, and shed light on every individual’s college career. The show has a unique way of portraying Kennesaw State University’s diversity and passion for grooming future leaders. Students can finally experience having a campus TV show.


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