SPLOST – What Is It Good For?


With nationwide economic hardship, different entities have seen how much they rely on a steady economy to provide their service to the general public. This reigns true for all government agencies.

In the last five years, Cobb County has experienced extreme budget cuts and faced the harsh reality that things won’t look up for a while. Things may not be looking up economically nationwide, but the county has decided to start spending money again. This year was the first time in six years that any Cobb County employees got a raise, part time and full time.

Along with raises came the announcement of the 2013 Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax projects that will be put back into place this year after being put on the back burner for the last couple of years. For the Cobb County Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Affairs Department, these SPLOST projects will mostly focus on renovating the facilities countywide that were originally built over three decades ago.

“Being able to renovate facilities and give them some tender loving care is awesome,” said CCPRCAD director Eddie Canon. “The citizens will appreciate all the renovations within the park system.”

The parks department is getting a makeover. The 2013 SPLOST plans will start with revamping outdated athletic fields and renovating infrastructure in some of the older buildings.

Jimmy Barnett, a manager in the parks division in CCPRCAD, grew up in Cobb County and recalls the county breaking ground on many of the parks.

“Back then, as long as we had an open field with some gravel on it to play football, we were happy. Nowadays, if there isn’t a fresh layer of sod down on the fields, we get complaints,” explained Barnett.

These key transformations will do a lot for the community and the standard of living in the county. In Cobb County, residents expect the best and with SPLOST funds, the county is able to exceed the expectations.

For more information on SPLOST projects breaking ground in 2013, visit the Cobb County website at www.cobbcountyga.gov and click on the SPLOST tab in the sitemap.



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