Past and Present, City of Kennesaw Has Much to Offer Residents

KENNESAW, Ga. ― Pamela Davis, media and marketing specialist for the city of Kennesaw, recently spoke to Kennesaw State University seniors about the history and new developments happening in the city of Kennesaw.

Davis has worked as the media marketing specialist for the city of Kennesaw for the past five years. She is responsible for everything that is related to media to promote the city. She is the acting city spokeswoman and prepares and publishes all city news releases, brochures, newsletters and presentations, and she is also the webmaster for the city website and administrator for Kennesaw’s Facebook page.

Davis talked to the Kennesaw State University senior multimedia class about Kennesaw’s Civil War history and also offered a, perhaps to some, surprising tidbit about the university.

“Kennesaw State University is not actually a part of the city of Kennesaw,” Davis said

Cities such as Kennesaw and Acworth, which have both seen very high population growth over the last few decades, are popular tourist attractions, not least due to their rich Civil War history.

During the Civil War, Union soldiers from Ohio made their way behind Confederate lines and commandeered a train in Kennesaw.

“The train was The General and it can be seen at the Kennesaw Civil War and Locomotive History Museum,” said Davis.

“The Great Locomotive Chase” was produced by Walt Disney Co. in 1956. The film recounted the events that occurred when The General was commandeered in the city of Kennesaw. The film made the city a tourist attraction for people across the country.

“The film really put Kennesaw on the map. They replay it sometimes at the Strand Theatre in Marietta,” said Davis.

The city of Kennesaw currently has a population of approximately 30,000 people, and according to Davis, it continues to grow. It has been featured as one of the top 10 places to raise a family, but as the population  grows, so does the city’s crime rate.

“I like that we are expanding, but I think eventually we are going to run out of room,” said Davis.

Despite the lack of space and growing crime rate, Kennesaw remains a popular place. The city continues to add more parks and community centers; unlike other city parks,  kennesaw provides free Wi-Fi at most of its parks and community centers.

According to Davis, the city will soon have a new recreational facility.

“One of the more exciting things happening is that Kennesaw will soon have a skate park,” Davis said. “This is something I and a lot of city officials are very excited about; we want to be able to host competitions and have skaters from all over come to visit the city.”

The park has begun construction with a new addition of a half pipe and bowl; it will be located at Swift-Cantrell Skate Park, which currently only hosts a few ramps for skaters. The facility is being built with the help of Rob Dyrdek, a professional skate boarder.

Due to a SPLOST budget, the park may not be finished immediately, but the city of Kennesaw continues to make advancements throughout the community.


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