Atlanta: Busy City for Sex Trafficking


Sex trafficking in the U.S. can be very hard to spot and it is not uncommon for people to be unaware that Atlanta is the 14th largest city in the nation for sex trafficking.

Some common red flags for sex trafficking are nail salons or massage parlors that double as brothels. These brothels generally have cameras outside, ATMs in the lobby and tinted windows. Stores much like these have been known to force young women from all over the world to have sex repeatedly every night.

International Justice Mission employee Lindsey Buttler has seen slavery first hand through her work in Atlanta and Nicaragua.

“I’ve met girls whowere forced to have sex with 40 men a night and if they failed, they were
beaten,” Buttler said.

The goal of the International Justice Mission is to raise awareness through the nonprofit’s End It movement.

“Many Atlanta residents are unaware that 46 percent of sex trafficking in Atlanta happens outside the Interstate 285 loop,” Buttler said.

By raising awareness and monetary donations, the End It movement strives to inform those who are oblivious to this corruption.

“I first heard about sex trafficking at a Passion Conference this past year,” Reid Rhodes said. “I have sisters who are the same age as many of these women who are forced into
sex slavery. Now that I know about this disturbing business, I can’t just sit around and do nothing to stop it.”

Once awareness is gained, and tips are given to the legal system, investigations are done and volunteers sometimes go undercover to act like they are going to buy slaves. Then a warrant is achieved, and the police department goes in to liberate the women.

“Once the brothels are liberated, women receive the help of organizations such as Wellspring Living that provide psychiatric counseling and training to help the women assimilate back into American culture, without going back to the brothels,” Buttler said.

The International Justice Mission is confident that thousands of sex slaves will be liberated within the next year.

The movement to raise awareness to end slavery will continue to grow. By informing one person, children forced into slavery can be saved.

For more information on sex and human trafficking, visit




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