After-School Programs Provide Productive Outlet for School Children


Brumby Elementary’s new spring after-school programs create as many benefits for parents as for students.

“I like dance club because it’s fun, and we get candy if we’re good,” said 5-year-old Sanayia Smith, a student of Brumby’s after-school program Dance Club.

Brumby Elementary offers a long list of different activities its students can participate in apart from the general after-school program, which involves doing homework, a second recess and a snack.

When school is dismissed for the day, students participating in specific programs are taken to the cafeteria to wait for their instructors.

The Brumby Elementary Dance Club is directed by Kennesaw State University student Pablina Lopez. Classes are held once a week according to age group. Tuesdays at 3 p.m. is Kindergarten through second grade and Thursdays at 3 p.m. is for third through fifth grade students.

“My girls love it! They can learn to dance somewhere other than a local dance studio and I can pick them up right on time after work,” said parent Nikki Williams.

Students participate in seasonal recitals and work hard to bring their best. The goal for these programs is to give students something they love to work toward and focus on. It keeps some children from staying home alone and it keeps them out of trouble.

“I like chasse and freeze dance! And ‘specially when Ms. Lopez brings us cupcakes for birthdays and we learn new dances,’” Smith said.

Brumby Elementary’s after-school programs are available to students as an outlet and they are a productive way for them to spend their time after school. The programs provide a way to become part of something in their community.


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