April’s Record Store Day Brings Musicians and Fans to Local Record Stores


Vinyl record fans from all over the world come together every year in April to celebrate and support their local record stores during Record Store Day.

Record Store Day is an annual event that occurs on the third Saturday in April. During Record Store Day, vinyl lovers and collectors pile into their local record stores to purchase exclusive record releases and to show their support for their favorite record stop.

Rick is an employee at Criminal Records, a large and popular record shop in Atlanta’s Little Five Points district. Rick has worked during several Record Store Days and loves the event.

“It is a holiday to basically increase awareness of local businesses, like record stores, and to get people to come out and enjoy music and to have a good time. We always have a lot of fun; we have live performances going on and things like that,” Rick said. “It’s just a fun day!”

The event brings both musicians and music fans to their local record stores to participate in drawings, win prizes, and watch live music performances.

Keron Robinson is a vinyl music fan and a veteran Record Store Day attendee.

“I really enjoy it. I look forward to Record Store Day every year. I like the community aspect of it. You know, being around other people who like music as much as I do and appreciate it as much as I do,” Robinson said.

Robinson says he loves getting exclusive vinyl record releases; in particular releases that record collectors can’t find anywhere else.

“If you didn’t get it on Record Store Day, you’d have to buy it on eBay for ten times the price. It’s only there once,” Robinson said.

According to Rick, these exclusive releases are an important feature of the event.

“It brings in a lot of business that we would not otherwise have on that particular day,” Rick said.

Rick says that although the event brings a lot of people into record stores across the globe, the attendees are already record lovers.

“It has definitely snowballed over the past couple of years, but it’s for people who are already kind of into it and want to be into it,” Rick said.

Record Store Day does more than improve record collector’s collections; it brings people away from the computer.

“It’s a reason to come out, you know? You need to give people a reason to come out to a store. When you can get anything on the Internet, you need to give people a reason to come out. And that’s part of it,” Rick said.

Criminal Records, along with other fellow record stores, hopes to keep its local business strong through this special event.

Record Store Day has become an international event after seeing a significant rise in attendees every year. It has been a principal force in keeping record stores alive. Participants hope to see it continue to grow into the future.


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