Entrepreneurship: Rising Trend in the World of Small Businesses Benefits Workforce, Local Economies


Recent studies have shown a rising trend in the world of small businesses: entrepreneurship. While no strangers to the economy, entrepreneurs now seem to be the fastest growing demographic, taking control of much of our business economy.

Each year, thousands of high school students graduate and take the leap into small business ownership, rather than choosing a traditional college experience.

“As the breadwinner of a growing family, I felt like I needed to find my own niche, but fast,” said Ed Chapman, owner of Community Magazine. “College just wasn’t where I needed to be at the moment. Opening my own magazine let me be my own boss and afforded me the life that I wanted for my family.”

The general consensus for small business owners seems to be that they enter this world based on the need for making their own hours and being their own bosses.

And now small business leaders are spanning the generations. A younger generation of entrepreneurs is taking on the work force in more creative ways. Jessica Watkins is a 22-year-old mother and a Cobb County photographer. She juggles her busy life as a small business owner while still having the opportunity to be a stay at home mom.

“For me college just wasn’t an option; instead utilizing my creative talents to make money and help raise my family seemed a much better option. I find that, while difficult at times because of my lack of degree, this path is still the most rewarding to me,” Watkins said.

With a 12.3 percent of American adults engaging in entrepreneurial careers, the field has seen a 60 percent increase since 2010. It seems this is a viable option for students who are joining the workforce. Entrepreneurs benefit the economy too, with 40 percent of entrepreneurs creating more than five jobs under them.


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