Kennesaw-Area Skateboarders Will Soon Have Certified Street League Skate Park – and Safe Place to Skate


The City of Kennesaw continues to move forward with plans to build the two-phase skate park in Swift-Cantrell Park.

Kennesaw has been chosen as one of the newest sites for a ‘Certified Street League Skate Park.’ In November of 2011, the Rob Dyrdek Foundation teamed up with the park to begin construction on a two-phase, 40,000 square-feet, all-concrete skate park.

On January 10th, Mayor Mark Matthews attended the groundbreaking ceremony where it was announced that both phases would cost $1.8 million. Phase one is expected to take six months to build and phase two will continue as funds are secured.

“The vision for this project started with the 2006 Swift-Cantrell Master Plan,” Matthews said. “With the help of the Dyrdek Foundation, it will be very exciting to see it take shape. A facility of this scope and quality will be great for local skateboarders, but will also attract events from the entire Southeast region, bringing substantial potential economic benefit to Kennesaw.”

The local skate community is also excited for this new park to open because it will be one of the largest skate parks in the Southeast.

“I think the skateboarding scene will respond with a pretty positive attitude, because right now most skaters are looking to the streets for prime spots, but this new park will offer the prime spots where we can all crave on all the time,” said local skateboarder Emory Schwall. “You’ll never have to jump over a gate or fight off a security guard.”

The Rob Dyrdek Foundation helps fund these parks as part of a Safe Spot Skate Spot campaign to help get kids off the streets and give them a safe place where they are allowed to skateboard.

Ben Mercer of looks forward to the park opening because he feels that it will shed new light on the image of skateboarding.

“Parents aren’t likely to support their kid’s endeavors knowing they are out in the streets unsupervised, but when in a controlled environment they’ll be more hip to the idea of their kids shredding,” Mercer said. “Through that lens alone, you are looking for the rate of participants to grow exponentially.”

With phase one already under way, the project is slated to open sometime this summer.


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