Traveling Abroad Becoming Essential Step in College Journey


Travel among college students is a rapidly growing trend and many students view travel as an essential step in the college journey. Specific programs, publications and organizations are designed to aid students with traveling abroad. Programs on college campuses, just like this one, offer a number of programs which help college students plan for the price and time consuming aspects of studying abroad.

Online publications, like “Student Travel,” provide students with the knowledge of what to expect during their traveling adventures. “Student Travel” states that the most commonly visited continents by North American college students are Australia, Europe and Asia.

Deanna Spanberger is an assistant professor at Darton State College and a doctoral student herself. She spoke to us about her early adulthood experiences with travel.

“I wasn’t fortunate to travel during my try at college. My first trip abroad came from joining the Air Force,” Spanberger said.

Spanberger expressed appreciation for the new emphasis on travel among college students, and said she wishes she would have taken advantage of it while she was in school.

The typical price of a five-week semester abroad for a college student is $3000. This price includes room and board, some meals, travel and other transportation. However, this price does not include tuition, all meals, souvenirs or sightseeing activities.

Janessa Alvarez is a senior studying sociology at the University of Georgia. She has plans to study abroad this summer.

“The program is called Study Abroad in Europe. There are two stops: Switzerland and France,” Alvarez said.

This study abroad program is of three weeks’ duration during the month of June. The total cost of the program is $4900, not including tuition.

Studying abroad can give students experience and opportunities that they may not otherwise have had. And although studying abroad can be costly and prolong the academic process slightly, experiencing other cultures can set a student apart in a competitive job field.


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