Jamie Stewart: Atlanta’s Very Own Makeup Celebrity


MAC Cosmetics is known for their plethora of bright, vibrant makeup and their extraordinarily talented makeup artists. Jamie Stewart has been working at MAC Cosmetics since she was 21. Four years later, she is still with the company and could not be happier.

Photo by Amanda Shilt

“Not a day goes by that I don’t learn something new at my job,” Stewart said. “Whether it’s a new makeup trick or just a daily dose of useful knowledge from a customer, I am always learning and bettering myself. You don’t find many jobs like that.”

Growing up, Stewart always knew she wanted to work in the fashion industry. She wasn’t drawn to the glitz and glamour of the fashion side; she wanted to work behind the scenes.

“I worked my first major photo shoot just a few months after I started at MAC. I was nervous as all get-out because it was my first time working with a well-known photographer. Sure, I’ve done little projects here and there, but I’ve never done anything on such a huge scale before.”

Since her first shoot, Stewart has worked on more than 100 other shoots. Not all quite as important, but all of it was doing what she loves. Stewart plans on staying with the company and hopes one day to excel within. She hopes to be the regional director eventually and works every day to reach her goals.


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