Magnetic Music Festival Attracts EDM Fans to Kennesaw State


On the heels of the wildly popular and successful DayGlow paint party held last year, the Magnetic Music Festival was held at Kennesaw State University‘s Soccer Stadium on April 20, a popular holiday in the dance and party community.

Partygoers at Magnetic. Photo by Robert Pless

The 88-acre facility housed thousands of young and old EDM (Electronic Dance Music) fans, anxious for the sights and sounds during this first year of Magnetic Music Festival, known throughout social media as #MagneticFestATL. Three stages were constructed in and around the stadium that catered to many genres of EDM, such as trance, dubstep and house music.

“I’m looking most forward to all of the acts here, especially Flux Pavilion,” said Becca Johnson, “This is awesome, and KSU should host more events like this in the future.”

Cameron Dix, manager at local consignment shop Ecologie Vintage, was on hand at the festival to sell vintage clothing and accessories to attendees.

“We’ve had really good sales today, and hope to do more festivals at KSU in the future,” Dix said.

Also embedded within the vendor area were hexagonal-shaped artist installations, where local artists spent the day painting, spray painting or sketching personal works for concertgoers to see and take pictures.

“I love the exposure it gives me and the other artists. A lot of friends have done it, and have gone on to work on bigger projects because of the exposure at events like this,” said Leslie Murphy of Lilburn, one of the four artists working on the field during the festival. “I took a risk and sent my work to the Magnetic people on a whim, and they invited me out.”

Leslie’s installation bordered the Enchanted Village stage, where Kennesaw State University student Brian Blattner performed as one half of the trance duo Absolute Zero. It was the duo’s first huge performance since forming less than a year ago.

“I’m just in shock,” Blattner said following his performance, which packed the stage for almost an hour.

Absolute Zero also debuted one of their new, unnamed tracks for the set, which was met with praise and admiration from new and old fans alike. Also taking a risk, he and his partner, Ian Soto, opened for major artist Tritonal at Opera nightclub, where they played an unorthodox set for an opening act, at the behest of the club. They were soon contacted after that set by Liquified representatives.

“I just can’t believe we were asked to do this by Liquified,” Blattner said. “We were going to buy our tickets anyway, but they called and told us not to worry about buying them.”

As the day turned into night, and the temperature sank to cooler levels, the most anticipated acts of the day began their sets on respective stages. Packing the Digital Distortion stage for over three hours were the groups Adventure Club, Zed’s Dead, and the hotly discussed Flux Pavilion, while on the main stage known as the Magnetic Force Field, international superstars Cazzette, Markus Schulz and Dash Berlin provided the soundtrack for the packed stadium’s endless dancing.

Closing out the night was Grammy award-winning megastar rapper Kid Cudi, who performed hits new and old for the adoring crowd, closing out the day-long festival of dancing, singing and partying, despite his set being drastically cut short due to the city noise ordinance. Never one to shy away from expressing his opinions, Kid Cudi tweeted his displeasure with the event and organizers:

A promoter known as MJ, who mainly works with dubstep group Zed’s Dead, one of the festival’s headliners, says that Atlanta is growing as a hub for EDM events and festival, rivaling Los Angeles and New York City. With events like DayGlow and Magnetic happening in Atlanta, it’s hard not to notice the rise in popularity of EDM festivals in Atlanta. This has been cemented with the announcement of juggernaut music festival Tomorrowland coming to the United States for the first time, taking place in Atlanta in late September.

Although it was never confirmed by Liquified representative, MJ, Blattner and others speculated that Liquified was so pleased with the ticket sales that they plan on making this event a 2-day festival next year.


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