Younger Donors Most Common Donors


Young people are becoming more active in their roles as volunteers to help sustain local blood banks in case of emergency.  Over 20 percent of all donations come from high school students who participate in local blood drives held at their school. Young adults participating in these drives will hopefully keep doing it throughout their life.

Many high schools and universities hold blood drives that are open to both students and the community. These blood drives give many students the chance to become first time donors and experience what it’s like to donate blood.

“It’s really important for anyone that is eligible to donate blood,” said Kristen Stancil of the American Red Cross. “Blood cannot be manufactured, so it has to come directly from volunteer donors.  We definitely like students to come out and get that experience at a younger age and we hope that they will continue to donate for a lifetime.”

Andrea Martin, a 22 year-old Kennesaw resident, used to donate blood all the time as a student, but with a busy new career, she tries to find more time to make it out to the blood drives.

“It doesn’t take much time and you have such a good feeling after you’ve done something that can save someone else’s life. It puts you in a better mood,” said Martin.

The Red Cross continues to encourage young adults and students to participate in blood drives so that the Southeast region can one day sustain itself and not have to import blood from other regions.

The Cobb Blood Donation Center located in the East Lake Shopping Center is hosting many blood drives throughout the month of April in hopes of increasing the blood bank supplies throughout the Southeast region


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