Going beyond: “transcending” expectations


So many people purchase homes and decorate them with the items they had from previous residences. They do not have a defined aesthetic plan or theme, only hopes that the space does not look bad.

This is not the case for Transcend Designs’ Linette Brown.

Every room is a calculated, well-designed space that has an unwritten story — whether that is a story of personal reflection or expression.

Brown has the ability to design a space solely based on observing a client’s taste preferences. She has impressed her clients by creating spaces that not only express an individual’s “now” but capture their essence as well.

Hence, her business’ name.

Merriam-Webster defines transcend as “to rise above or extend notably beyond ordinary limits.”

“Transcend is such a powerful word. It is a constant,” said Brown. “You can guarantee that as time goes on, things evolve. People, places, almost everything grows into a new phase over time. Because design is a reflection of life, I feel the word transcend truly reflects my business and what it represents.”

For Brown, transcendence means having a culture of hard work.

“My parents are from Panama and have worked hard to become the successful individuals they are, instilling the same principles and values in me,” Brown said.

She admits that her interest and beginnings in design was piqued in an unusual way.

“My mother was always decorating the house and my father was a Marine, so I had to keep my room clean and organized at an early age,” Brown said. “As early as 7, I can remember really taking a strong interest in reorganizing my room and trying to maintain it to look like a hotel.”

Since then, she has worked feverishly to provide others with the same feeling of escape that hotels offer but in their personal spaces.

Brown earned an Associate of Applied Science degree in interior design from Gwinnett Technical College, which is where she further developed her design aesthetic and began attaining clients. Upon the completion of her degree, she formed Transcend Designs; and within six months, she acquired eight residential clients.

One of her early successes is from her first client. This family was able to experience the constant escape that Brown is able to offer. The family owned a lake house off Lake Lanier in addition to their permanent residence in Duluth. They were so pleased with the finished product they moved from Duluth to their lake house full time.

As she explained with the development of her business name, all things evolve, and her vision is no exception. Currently, Transcend Designs is in the process of becoming Transcend Designs & Events. The services currently offered include residential design, some commercial design, home staging, visual merchandising, event planning and décor, and closet and room organization. Forthcoming, Transcend Designs & Events will provide aid to the film industry as well as hospitality design.

Although this transition is not complete, the event planning and décor portion of her business has already experienced success. Jade Copeland Price and her husband are more of Brown’s satisfied customers.

“The baby shower for my first-born was everything I wanted,” Price said. “It was a safari theme with centerpieces I was able to use to decorate his nursery. Everything flowed smoothly, and I enjoyed the slide show of pictures showcasing my husband and me. Although the shower is for the mom, he truly felt included.”

Brown has had early and repeated success in the multiple facets of her business and its early development. As she expands, she looks forward to an increased clientele, creative discovery and future success.


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