Cherokee County Humane Society offers weekly pet adoptions


The Cherokee County Humane Society is always looking for volunteers to help out during its weekly pet adoptions. They are held every Saturday from 11 a.m. to four p.m. at PetSmart in Canton.

“There are so many animals and so few volunteers that we are constantly in demand for more people to come out and help,” said Otis Moore, Cherokee County’s humane society manager.

The Humane Society offers volunteer hours, as well as community service hours to anyone who needs or wants them while volunteering. This includes: playing with the animals at the shelter, feeding them and cleaning up the thrift shop.

“We are required to have 12 community service hours per semester for our fraternity,” said Diego Ortega, a member of KSU’s Pi Kappa Alpha and volunteer. “The Cherokee County Humane Society was more than happy to help assist to me.”

Not only do you volunteer your time, but they also offer you an opportunity to take the shelter’s wash cloths home with you to wash and bring back for service hours.

The   Cherokee County Humane Society is also looking for pet lovers who are looking for a new furry friend.

“Although we primarily are looking for volunteers,” Moore said, “we will never turn down someone wanting to adopt as well.”

The Cherokee County Humane Society has more cat adopters than dogs.

“The shelter is mostly [made up of] cats,” said employee Sharon Deal. “We have a few dogs out back, so we encourage all canine lovers to attend the weekly adoptions at PetSmart.”

“For those who cannot make it out on Saturdays, we also offer adoptions on the second and fourth Sunday of every month, same time, same place in hopes to get these sweet pets a home,” said Moore.

Just this year, the Cherokee County Humane Society has adopted out more than 50 pets on the weekends alone.  It has also offered organizations as many community service hours they needed.

For more information on how to help out your community please visit or contact them at 770.592.8072.


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