Homeless pets foundation partners with local school


The Homeless Pets Foundation has partnered with Homeless Pets Clubs to help in a communitywide effort to place abandoned, homeless animals into stable homes.

Since 2010, the Homeless Pets Clubs have been partnering with local schools and businesses to help bring awareness to their cause. In Georgia, one county has established 50 school clubs within a three month period.

Homeless Pets Clubs encourage involvement from local children and teach young children compassion as well as provide many other character building benefits. The clubs allow children to choose  pets to “sponsor” and help raise funds to support local shelters.

The Homeless Pets Clubs give the opportunity for school children to get involved in their community. These children gain a sense of purpose by being allowed to give back. Those who are involved with the club are able to raise awareness to the cause and spread the word of the Homeless Pets Foundation.  Social networking is an important factor to the club and plays a huge part in saving the lives of thousands of innocent pets whom otherwise would not have a chance.


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