Mercier Orchards: a thriving business in Fannin County


Mercier Orchards is a four-generation owned and operated business, started in 1943 and located in Blue Ridge, Ga.

Mercier is seen as one of the main pieces that make up the tourism industry in Fannin County.

The company offers baked goods, fresh produce, in-house dining and U-Pick events every year where visitors can pick their own produce.

People come from all over the South to participate in U-Pick every year. Tourists from Atlanta and southern Florida are the most present at these events. The orchard’s floor is covered in October with an increased inflow of people wanting to experience U-Pick.

“Mercier is part of the Blue Ridge experience,” said Rob Kaser, a Fannin County Chamber of Commerce board member.

Mercier Orchards might only take up a few hours of a trip to Blue Ridge. It provides an attraction but also room for visitors to explore other areas of the town.

Mercier is a main attraction for cabin renters that want the full mountain experience.

Mercier is also heavily involved in promoting other businesses in Fannin and encourages exploration of the whole county.

“Mercier Orchards promotes Blue Ridge more than itself,” said Jode Hanson, Fannin County Welcome Center’s manager.

Mercier Orchards thrives on promoting its town of origin, offering a farm-to-table experience that is often overlooked today in America.


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