Marietta mom starts jewelry business

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Julia Schival, a 54-year-old mother of two, turned her obsession with jewelry and accessories into a successful business called Obsessories.

Starting the business

Julia Schival. Photo Taken by Caitlin Schival.
Julia Schival. Photo by Caitlin Schival.

“As a mother of two daughters in college, I was always looking for a bargain,” said Schival.

Her business venture started when she received an invitation to a jewelry party that promised to feature bargains of the century.

“I attended the party with devastation,” said Schival. “I found that the cheapest item for purchase was a pair of earrings made of nickel that were at the “bargain” price of $35.”

With shipping and handling not included in the already steep price of the earrings, Schival left the party with $46 less than she went in with. 

That night, Schival said that she actually lost sleep over her $46 purchase. 

“What had made me feel obligated to purchase those earrings?” said Schival. “Was it the fact that they were the cheapest item that could be purchased, or was it the fact that I felt pressured to buy something?”

She knew there had to be a better way, and then she decided to start her own jewelry business.

“I wanted to own and operate a business where I could offer real bargain prices with a pressure-free shopping experience for my clients,” said Schival.

Naming the business

Schival knew she wanted to name her business something different, clever and catchy.

“I began writing down every word that popped into my head that described jewelry.  I would wake up in the middle of the night and write down my thoughts”, said Schival.

One day while cleaning, Schival picked up the list and started going over all of her ideas. 

The list was in total disarray, but right there on that piece of paper was the name she had been searching for. 

Schival said that written very closely together were the words obsessed and accessories, which is how she came up with the name Obsessories.

Acquiring the inventory

After attending several jewelry shows and showrooms, Schival found the jewelry she wanted to sell was available locally through AmericasMart in Atlanta; however, in order to purchase there, she had to be a viable business entity. 

Schival obtained a business license and registered with AmericasMart.  She spent several days at AmericasMart visiting, researching vendors and finding a line that was suitable for the market that she intended to sell to.

Obsessories sells jewelry to women ages 15 and up.

“The jewelry that Obsessories sells are affordable adaptations of designs that are comparable in quality that are sold by famous designers and manufacturers,” said  Julie Steeves, an Obsessories assistant.

Steeves said that since Obsessories does not have a store, she and Schival sell the jewelry at home parties and craft shows.

“In the future, I hope to grow the business by soliciting additional ladies to host in-home parties with Obsessories potentially becoming the master distributor,” said Schival.


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