Target Audience Magazine: helping artists learn business

Who is Target Audience Magazine’s creator and editor-in-chief?


ATLANTA— Creativity needs help generating buzz in the business world and Target Audience Magazine has created a platform to offer guidance to artist trying to make a name for themselves.

“When I started Target Audience Magazine, I wanted a magazine that would contain all the artistic things that individual artist, writers, musicians, film makers and so on would want to read about,” said Ellen Eldridge, Target Audience Magazine’s creator and editor-in-chief.

The online magazine offers readers the tools they need to make survival in a heavily populated and difficult-to-enter world.

 Evolution of Target Audience Magazine

(July 2013 Target Audience Magazine/ Ellen Eldridge)
Target Audience Magazine for July 2013. Photo courtesy of Ellen Eldridge.

Created six years ago, the magazine has grown from what Eldridge first envisioned as an inspirational magazine into the more business-like, inspirational magazine it is today.

At the start of the magazine, only two to four issues were published a year. In 2013, Eldridge began creating longer issues and started publishing monthly.

“I saw the magazine appearing more and more as just another entertainment blog, where I always wanted it to be a resource for the artistic community of entrepreneurs,” said Eldridge. “I saw a need to shift the focus and increase the resourceful articles that we now publish.”

What’s inside Target Audience Magazine?

“When Ellen first told me about her magazine I thought it was a music thing, “ said Russell Eldridge, Ellen’s husband and Target Audience Magazine staff member. “But she quickly set me straight.”

When the magazine first began, it did focus heavily on the music side in reflection of Eldridge’s passion for music; however, by 2013, the publication began to shift away from music.

“The Music side is shifting to focus more clearly on the business and how the arts influence each other,” said Eldridge.  “But mostly how independent musicians can learn how to build press kits, how to plan a tour and, most importantly, the best ways to stand out in a saturated market and really connect with the fans.”

Target Audience Magazine includes interviews with successful musicians, artist and writers who offer advice on how to make it big in the business and reveal mistakes they made trying to get there.

“It’s still all about cross-inspiration in the arts but with a much narrower focus on how to be successful in the business,” said Eldridge.

The magazine has done interviews with people such as James LaBrie from Dream Theater, Munky from Korn, Chris Broderick and Davis Ellefson from Megadeath and Austin Kleon, author of “Steal Like An Artist.”

Future of Target Audience Magazine

As the magazine continues to grow and evolve, Eldridge hopes to use the magazine as a way to offer tutorials and classes for those looking for help.

“I would like to eventually add more services for artist[s] and possibly a school,” said Eldridge. “We plan to be more involved in the community and have considered sponsoring battles of the bands as well as film festivals.”


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